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Have you ever encountered such problems during the production and installation of aluminum ceilings?

"Have you ever faced challenges when producing and installing aluminum ceilings? In this blog, we delve into common obstacles encountered in the process and offer practical solutions to ensure a smooth experience."

Before the aluminum ceiling is designed, it must be inspected on-site for size. However, often after the drawings are produced and the product is produced, the wrong size is found during the installation process. So have you ever encountered such problems during the production and installation of aluminum ceilings? Lets take a look today:

1. The gap at the splicing is too large. As shown in the picture above, it is obvious that there is a very wide gap that is not aligned. This is a serious dimensional error. It's not a problem that caulking glue can solve. It may be returned to the factory for processing.

2. The curvature of the joint between the two boards is different, causing the joint to be uneven, which greatly affects the appearance. This situation cannot be ruled out as a design error, but it is more likely to be the result of uneven fixing of the corner codes and frame during the installation process.

3. The keels are not connected in place, as shown in the picture above. The size of the keels after installation is obviously not correct. There is a gap of thirty or forty centimeters in between, which can easily affect the bearing capacity of the aluminum ceiling below. If there are more of them, it may It will cause safety accidents in the future.

4. The corner codes do not fit well. This is because the combination between the accessories and the aluminum veneer was not predicted in advance, resulting in such consequences. Therefore, you should be more careful when inspecting. You are responsible for your customers and the quality of your own products.

5. At the beginning of purchasing accessories, the same batch of purchase channels should be used, instead of mismatching accessories like the picture above, which will bring hidden dangers to subsequent project installations.

The above are the problems that may be encountered during the production and installation of aluminum ceilings summarized by PRANCE Metal Ceiling. These troubles are problems that may often be encountered during installation. The construction party and the manufacturer need to communicate in a friendly way, actively solve the problems, and make up for the mistakes. In this way This is beneficial to the smooth progress of the project.

Have you ever encountered such problems during the production and installation of aluminum ceilings? 1

Have you ever encountered problems during the production and installation of aluminum ceilings? In conclusion, it is crucial to address these issues with precision, ensuring proper measurements, quality control, and skilled installation teams. Communicating with manufacturers and suppliers and maintaining transparency throughout the process can also smoothen the production and installation phase. By addressing these common challenges, we can ensure a hassle-free experience and deliver quality aluminum ceilings for various projects.

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