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Hotel customized exterior wall aluminum panel decoration products. There are many different types of building exterior wall aluminum panel decoration products. Now more and more people like to use aluminum panel as building exterior wall decoration. Exterior wall aluminum panel products can not only satisfy It has become a widely used building material in engineering construction because it meets the aesthetic needs of the public and is relatively easy to maintain. Aluminum veneer can be designed into products with different patterns, styles and colors.

Exterior wall aluminum panel is light in weight, high in strength, waterproof, fireproof, corrosion-resistant, has good processing performance and long service life. The exterior facade forms of the Aluminum Curtain Wall of the Bolsi brand aluminum panel products are diverse, and the products can be customized to produce many patterns of different shapes, making the outer layer of the entire building look more vivid. And it can be combined with glass curtain walls to form different appearance shapes, making the building style unique.

The use of aluminum panels to decorate the exterior walls of hotel buildings can reduce light pollution to a certain extent. The aluminum panels can largely block most of the light refracted and reflected by the original glass curtain wall, which facilitates the improvement of indoor thermal insulation in winter and can also reduce the external environment under high temperature conditions in summer. The hazards caused by strong sunlight have a positive impact on the comfort of indoor residents. It is the best choice for hotel exterior wall decoration products.

Hotel customized exterior wall aluminum panel decoration products-1 1

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