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Architectural Solutions

PRANCE Architectural Solutions

Make your architectural design into reality

Whether you need a product customized or require complete product development services, PRANCE will always use in-house expertise to meet customers’ design concepts and specific performance requirements. And through 27 years development, we are equipped with all the capabilities necessary to make what you need come true, no matter integral solutions or customized solutions. And all of our products are well-performed and are available in different surface finishes & color charts.

With a large technical services department consisting of architects, engineers, planners, and estimators, PRANCE boasts a modern production facility covering 40,000 square metres, with two large workshops including four powder coating lines and more than 100 pieces of modern equipment, all of which enables us to make what you need come true.

With 27 years of professional experience, PRANCE has undertaken to meet the design concept and specific performance requirements of our customers with our in-house expertise, which covers the initial concept and optimization of the project, the production of products as well as the implementation of the project on the ground.
Made of 100% extruded architectural aluminium, our product boasts exceptional performance in all weather conditions such as cold, dry, wet and so on. With a variety of options including solid colors, wood grains and special finish, our ceiling and curtain-wall system can come in remarkably beautiful forms of all shapes, styles, and colors.
With 27 years of professional experience and industry-dominating lead times, PRANCE is committed to offering integral solution that match your needs. And our service covers drawing optimization, modular design, project production and construction management, moreover, if we don’t have a standard offering that works for you, let’s work together to create something that will.

● Technical Program
● 1:1 Model
● Difficulty Challenging
● Project Management Team
As an aluminium ceiling and panel manufacturer with 30+ experienced designer team and 40+ comprehensive service team, PRANCE will turn your idea into reality, no matter building facades or interior aluminium ceilings, so as further to bring final products to market on time and on budget.

● Drawing Design Services
● Customized Finishes
● 3D Elevation Scanning
By performance: Not only enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and acoustics of interior and exterior spaces, our products work well at sound-absorbing, noise-insulating, fire protection as well as weather resistance,which signifies that you don't need to be concerned about any distortion or decay of the products, as your architectural project will exude its beauty for numerous future years to come.

● Cost-effective
● Easy to Maintain
● Excellent Performance
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At present we are available in over 20 wood grain finishes and colors, while at the same time we offer customized colour or aluminium panels of specified brands matching for projects. In addition we are rich in 10+ surface treatment procedures to meet your specific needs.

● Superior Surface Finishes
● Flexible customization
● Excellent manufacturing supply
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Speak with a trusted expert to discuss your project goals and design needs 

We will work together with you to make the implementation process of your project simple and clear. We use well-detailed drawings, videos, and animations, along with video conferences, to carry out the project step by step.

R&D Capacity
With a number of excellent technical engineers engaged in the technical department and the application of new technology, PRANCE remains agile in our approach and puts our customers’ needs at the forefront of our thinking while at the same time actively participates in the research and development process of our customers' products to make their architectural projects into reality. 
Experience Accumulation
For the past 27 years, PRANCE has long-term and in-depth cooperation with many industry leading enterprises and has successfully gotten various projects off the ground, such as Hongkong West Kowloon Cultural Center Project; Baidu Apollo Park, Bole International Airport and so on, all of which equips us with extensive experience for better development. 
One-solution Service
PRANCE was set up in 1996 and is able to provide a series of related services, during the initial design, we will address issues via remote methods or invite the clients to our company for discussions, when producing the products, PRANCE is dedicated to providing swift sample creation or even set up a 1:1 structure that replicates the actual on-site conditions to identify potential issues, and equipped with professional team, our end-to-end service is spot on.
Corporate Honours
Since our establishment, we have passed many authoritative certifications, Our patents and awards of us has also driven our further development, such as the CE, top ten brands of China Ceiling Industry and so on. As a vice chairman unit of the Building Materials Industry Association in Foshan, a vice chairman unit of the Ceiling Materials Branch of the China Building Decoration Materials Association, and an executive chairman unit of the Guangdong Ceiling Association, the company has always adhered to high standards and strict requirements. 
Companies promote green supply chain management to achieve sustainable development, by optimizing resource utilization and reducing environmental impact, while meeting consumer demands for environmental protection. Our business partner - Sublitex, specializes in the production of high-quality wood-grain transfer paper and has established a reputation in the industry. 
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