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Since venturing into the international market in 2006, the company's "BES" branded products have been sold to more than 100 countries. They have successfully obtained CE certification in compliance with EU standards, as well as ICC certification in the United States. Additionally, the company has obtained certifications for high-quality products, quality management systems, and green and environmentally friendly products.
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Years of technology absorption, accumulation, and practical experience have greatly enhanced the company's research and innovation capabilities. It has actively participated in the formulation of several group technical standards, such as "Building Interior Ceiling Industry Standard," "Group Standard of the Guangdong Ceiling Association," and "Green Building Material Evaluation Ceiling System." Moreover, the company holds national utility model patents and appearance patents for independently developed technologies, including "Integrated Ceiling Profile Material Processing Machinery and Processing Method," "Flat Planar Combination Ceiling Structure," "Ceiling Clip Plate," "Antibacterial Ceiling," "Sound-absorbing Ceiling," and "Antistatic Ceiling."
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