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Perforated Panel

Perforated Metal Panel Products

Perforated Metal Panel can be customized with different patterns and styles through the perforation process, while at the same time both aesthetics and practicality, with ventilation, shading, acoustic control and privacy protection and other product benefits.
Standard Perforated Panel
Custom decorative metal panels with perforation are a popular choice for architectural and interior design applications.
Decorative Perforated Metal Panels
Decorative Perforated Metal Panels boast unique designs and material advantages.
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Project Gallery

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Key Features & Performance

● The product is customizable (in terms of shape and size).
● Easy Installation And Maintenance
● Can be painted to achieve any desired color.
● For Indoor and outdoor use
● Economical, lightweight, durable.
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Panel Dimensions

Width Length Thickness
Customized Customized Customized

Customizable Finishes

● 4D Wood-Grain Surface Finish 
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● Anodized Copper & Bronze Surface Finish
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● Anodized Surface Finish
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● Glass-Look Surface Finish
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● Powder Coating Surface Finish
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● Stone-Grain Surface Finish
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● Pre-Coating Surface Finish
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● Wood-Grain Surface Finish
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● Printing Surface Finish
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● PVDF Surface Finish
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Products Advantages

Perforated metal panels are designed with small holes that help absorb and diffuse sound waves, improving acoustic quality in spaces and reducing reverberation.
These panels come in various patterns and finishes, allowing for creative design possibilities. They can be used to add visual interest, texture, and uniqueness to interiors.
Perforated metal panels promote airflow and ventilation, making them suitable for applications where maintaining proper air circulation is important, such as in HVAC systems and enclosed spaces.
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