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Open Ceiling Square Lay-in

Open Ceiling Square Lay-In

The Metal Regular Grille is typically composed of a series of parallel arranged metal bars or plates, forming a flat grille structure. This type of grille can cover larger areas and is suitable for interiors requiring simplicity and a modern aesthetic. Metal regular grilles are often used in commercial buildings, office spaces, and public areas, offering durability and ease of maintenance.

They can provide a certain degree of acoustic absorption and sound insulation, but often need to be combined with other sound-absorbing materials to achieve better acoustic performance.

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Product Advantages

The Metal Regular Grille offers a sleek and contemporary aesthetic with its parallel metal bars or plates, making it an ideal choice for modern interior designs. Its large coverage area, durability, and easy maintenance make it suitable for commercial spaces and public areas.

While providing a visually appealing solution, the Metal Regular Grille also contributes to moderate acoustic absorption and sound insulation, enhancing both the visual and acoustic aspects of the space it adorns.

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