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Sky-one Combination Ceilings

Sky -One Combination Ceiling is a patented product by Prance that offers many advantages over traditional ceilings. It is a perfect option for use in sophisticated office buildings.

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Product Advantages

Sky-One Combination Ceilings offer a striking and exclusive visual impact, harmonizing diverse design components to craft a standout and captivating ceiling. Beyond aesthetics, these ceilings serve multifunctional purposes, seamlessly integrating lighting, ventilation, and audio systems to enhance practicality while preserving their aesthetic allure.

This blend of functionality and creativity infuses the space with unique ambiance and design versatility.

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Two main types of Options which the T-grid can either be exposed or seamless.
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Holes for also be provided with warranty if needed.
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Each panel can be easily removed individually.
Upgrade the traditional lay in system which save hugh amount of.
In these two patterns, the middle parts can either be 2 pieces 600*1200mm panel or 3 pieces 400*1200mm.
This is the unique installing system which is safer than all the lay in system in the market.
Other types of T-Grid can be provided such as black groove or Flat.
This is the flatest ceilings with combination you will ever set. With reverse edged on the long-side of the panels increases either the flatness and hardness of the panel.
Perforation options can be provided and sound absorption sheet will be attached in the back of panel for sound reduction.
Suggest pattem: Micro-perforation. 1.0mm, 1.5mm straight pattem.
Carriers hanging the short-side of the panel instead of the long side which decreases hugh amount of the use of carriers comparing to similar system.
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Product Specifications

SpecificationAluG.IPlyster powder coatedL edge
300*300 mm0.8/1.00.5/0.7
600*600 mm0.8/1.0/1.20.5/0.7
300*1200 mm0.8/1.0/1.20.5/0.7
400*1200 mm0.8/1.0/1.20.5/0.7
600*1200 mm1.0/1.20.5/0.7
Application Cases
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