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Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Products

Aluminum honeycomb panel is a type of metal composite panel. Also called sandwich panels, are a widely used construction material for facade, wall, and ceiling decoration.

They consist of an insulation core between two metal panels, offering superior strength and durability. Aluminum honeycomb composite panels are particularly suitable for large panel design projects as their structure enables a flatter finish compared to solid panels.

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Key Features & Performance

● This aluminum honeycomb panel product is customizable (in terms of shape and size).
● Easy Installation And Maintenance
● Can be painted to achieve any desired color.
● For Indoor use
● Economical, lightweight, durable.
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Panel Dimensions

Material 1. Aluminum 2. Stainless Steel
Panel Size 1200*2400,1400*3000, 1200*240, 1400*3000, 1800*6000mm or customized,
Total Thickness 7-30 mm, regular: 12 mm (1+11+1)
Front Panel 0.8-3.0 mm
Back Panel 0.5-1.0 mm
Core Thickness 6-20 mm
Surface Aluminum Alloy 1100, 3003, 3014, 5005, 5015, 6063, etc.
Surface Finish Powder coating, painting, anodizing, and more in surface finish series.

Customizable Finishes

● 4D Wood-Grain Surface Finish 
Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Suppliers
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● Anodized Copper & Bronze Surface Finish
Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Manufacturers
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● Anodized Surface Finish
Honeycomb Ceiling Panels with Anodized Surface Finish
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● Glass-Look Surface Finish
Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Price
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● Powder Coating Surface Finish
Custom Honeycomb Panel with Powder Coating Surface Finish
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● Stone-Grain Surface Finish
Perforated Aluminum Honeycomb Ceiling Manufacturers
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● Pre-Coating Surface Finish
Honeycomb Aluminum Panels with Pre-Coating Surface Finish
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● Wood-Grain Surface Finish
Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Suppliers
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● Printing Surface Finish
Honeycomb Metal Panel with Printing Surface Finish
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● PVDF Surface Finish
Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panels with PVDF Surface Finish
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 Size Diagram And Install Node

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Product advantages

Lightweight and High Strength: Aluminum honeycomb panel structures consist of a honeycomb-like core sandwiched between outer layers, providing excellent strength and stiffness while maintaining a low weight. They are suitable for applications that require both high strength and lightweight materials.

Excellent Thermal and Sound Insulation: The honeycomb structure of the panels offers good thermal and sound insulation properties, effectively isolating temperature and sound conduction, and providing a more comfortable and quiet environment. Welcome to inquire about custom aluminum honeycomb panel  price, we are the best choice of aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer.
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Honeycomb Panel
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