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V-Plank Ceiling

V-Plank Ceiling

v-Plank Ceiling

MaterialAA grade aluminum alloy
Surface FinishPowder coating/PVDF /Painted/pre-painted and etc.
Product AdvantagesFast and Easy-to install unique V-plank suspension system is a piece of art -work in looking It graduately becomes the designer's options, examples like train statin center.The Ceiling in unique V designs, are available in rich, unusual visuals.
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Height  90 mmHeight85 mm
Thickness0.7-0.9 mmThickness0.7-0.9 mm
Length100-6000 mmLength100-6000 mm
width  160mmwidth110mm
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Easy Installation

V-shaped aluminum ceilings offer a simple installation process, often featuring modular designs that make installation quick and straightforward. This can save time and labor costs, making them suitable for various indoor spaces.

High Versatility

V-shaped aluminum ceilings can be customized according to design requirements, easily adapting to different space shapes and sizes. This versatility makes them an ideal choice for designers and homeowners, allowing for creatively rich interior design effects.

Application Cases
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v Plank Ceiling Installation Drawing
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