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Metal Open Cell Ceiling

The T-Shaped Grille is a special type of ceiling grille, characterized by its shape resembling the Latin letter "T." T-shaped grilles typically consist of main beams and cross beams, forming a T-shaped structure. This type of grille system is often used in environments where more design details and visual variations are desired, such as conference rooms and restaurants.

T-shaped grilles can provide good acoustic performance, including sound absorption and insulation, as their spacing and geometric structure help disperse and reduce the propagation of sound waves.

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MaterialAA grade aluminum alloy
Individual Bar width10mm-50mm
Individual Bar Height10mm-200mm
Bar Thickness0.4-2.0 mm
Bar length1000 mm-6000 mm
Interior Cell Size100mm × 100mm,150mm × 150mm, 200mm × 200mm,300mm × 30mm, custom cell sizes available
Product AdvantagesOpen Ceiling can be fit in various environment whether is office, or fine dining restaurant and offer clean,modern design.
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Product Advantages

The T-Shaped Grille stands out with its unique T-shaped layout, creating an eye-catching ceiling design. Beyond its visual appeal, this grille system excels in optimizing acoustics by effectively scattering and absorbing sound waves, leading to diminished noise and improved sound quality.

Its adaptable design allows for imaginative visual adaptations and intricate interior settings, making it a perfect selection for spaces seeking both exceptional acoustics and design adaptability.

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Installation Node Diagram

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Application Cases
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4D Wood-grain Surface Finish 
4D Wood Grain Surface Finish is a decorative finish that mimics the texture and appearance of real wood, providing a natural, warm feel. Has a 4D effect, giving an illusion of depth and dimension. It is applied to interior and exterior metal panels for durability and longevity.
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Printing Surface
Printed surface finish on metal panels is the process of transferring an image or pattern to the surface of a metal panel through printing technology, resulting in a high-resolution and vibrant surface finish.
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Powder Coating Surface Finish
Powder coating is a popular surface treatment for metal panels in which a dry powder is applied to the metal surface and then heated to create a smooth and durable coating.
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PVDF Surface Finish 
PVDF surface treatment refers to the application of polyvinylidene fluoride coatings on metal surfaces to create a durable and weather-resistant finish. This coating makes it suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications.
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Glass-Look Surface Finish 
The glass-look finish of metal trim panels is achieved by applying a high-gloss, clear coating to the surface that mimics the look of glass.
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Wood-Grain Surface Finish
Woodgrain finishes are available for interior and exterior decorative metal panels, providing a natural, warm aesthetic that resembles the look of solid wood. By cooperating with international top wood grain material suppliers, we can provide more than 10 years of quality assurance.
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Stone-Grain Surface Finish
A stone grain finish is a finish that creates a realistic stone texture on metal decking. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
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Anodized Cooper & Bronze Surface Finish
Copper Aluminum Distressed finish can achieve an aged or weathered look, giving it a vintage or antique look. This is usually achieved through chemical treatments or coatings that create a patina or rust effect on the surface.
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Anodized Surface Finish
Anodized finish that enhances the natural beauty of metal trim panels for durability and corrosion resistance. The process blends color into the metal rather than painting it, resulting in a finish that retains the material's natural metallic appearance.
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Pre-Coating Surface Finish 
The pre-coat finish of the metal panels ensures consistent color and texture throughout the lot, as the coating is applied to the metal coils before they are cut and formed into panels.
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