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Photovoltaic Glass

Photovoltaic Glass
Photovoltaic Glass Series Products
Photovoltaic Glass, there is light and there is electricity!
Photovoltaic glass solar panels offer a 10% increase in power generation efficiency compared to traditional crystalline silicon solar panels, as well as higher aesthetics and light transmission. This makes it suitable for a wide range of buildings and environments.
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Wide applicability
As a top-tier product in the world of internet celebrities, the PRANCE dome Sunroom spans various industries, including commercial dining, tourist attractions, parks and venues, as well as residential courtyards and balconies. This product boasts strong practicality and offers residents a novel living experience. Moreover, it comes at a low cost, is easy to install.
meticulously crafted by PRANCE to ensure a lifespan of at least ten years.
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About -
   Dome Sunroom

The dome sunroom is assembled in prefabricated building structures using aluminum alloy metal skeleton, transparent PC board, and high toughness rubber strips. The main method of the product is to improve construction speed and reduce costs by prefabricating building components in the factory and assembling them on site.

The cost of a dome sunroom is significantly lower than that of traditional buildings. This is mainly attributed to the fact that most products and components are completed in manufacturing plants, which significantly reduces labor and material costs.

The dome sunroom has strong practicality and can be equipped with built-in facilities according to needs. This flexibility makes it suitable for various applications, including scenic spots, residential areas, public spaces, commercial spaces, and entertainment venues.

The dome sunroom is easy to maintain, structurally stable, and highly durable, and can withstand strong winds and earthquakes. These traits enable dome sun rooms to perform well under various climatic and geographical conditions.

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