PRANCE metalwork is a leading manufacturer of metal ceiling and facade systems.

Integral Solutions

Technical support for project site issues

We always approach problems from the client's perspective and then work to resolve them. These practices stem from the practical field experience and accumulated knowledge of our technical team over the years.

There are primarily three solutions for on-site construction issues:
● Involves sending our personnel to the site for resolution.
Utilizes remote methods such as meetings, video animations, and instructional modes for addressing the issues.
Invites the clients to our company and manufacturer for discussions.
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Regardless of the method chosen among the three, our team is guided by a single principle:

Ensure that the metal ceiling, facade cladding or custom metalwork products we created and produced are perfectly installed on-site, presenting the exact outcome our clients initially predicted.

PRANCE' team advantages

Thanks to the trust of global clients in PRANCE, our robust technical team and business coordination team allow us to attend exhibitions in various regions all over the world every year. This enables face-to-face communication with clients and friends, and facilitates the resolution of local project issues.

challenges and innovation
Since 1996, challenges and innovation have been the guiding principles of our company's development. It is this very belief that drives PRANCE to consistently face and overcome difficulties, growing through practice and accumulating the capability to create specialized custom metal products.
Sample and Mock-up Service
In current construction projects, samples and mock-ups have become standard requirements. PRANCE is dedicated to providing swift sample creation, delivering small items like small panels and color samples within five days for client confirmation. Mock-ups, whether scaled-down or full-size assemblies like cladding sections, are part of our service and also are needed for some typical special project because they can help improve installation techniques or our metalwork quality prior to actual work beginning.
For certain projects, we set up a 1:1 structure that replicates the actual on-site conditions. This allows us to showcase the installation to the client after factory test-assembly, while also identifying potential issues for installation. This meticulous process ensures flawless installation for our clients.

Rather than simply believing that some special products have no quality issues, it's better to put it into practice and prove that it's issue-free.
Typicial project case
Hongkong West Kowloon Cultural Center Project
We build a 1:1 mock-up same to the jobsite in my factory and make sure it will come out great before delivery! This small movement makes us different than other manufacturers!
Check all the drawings suchas plan and render drawings
Provide the 3Dproduction drawing
Produce thehyperbolic panel
Setting up a steel framesame to the Jobsite
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Start installing
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Finish test installation andguarantee all the panels arefit to be installed.
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Packing and readyto delivery
Final, We will provide a comprehensive quality inspection report to ensure product quality through thorough examination.
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End-to-end Service
"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs

Our team offers comprehensive services, spanning from initial design to various after-sales support. Each stage has dedicated departments responsible for different aspects. You might be contacted with one of our colleagues, but in reality, there are many team members working behind together to serve you. This ensures that your matters are solved effectively and handled properly.

This is what sets PRANCE apart from others!
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