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U Baffle Ceiling

U Baffle Ceiling

U Baffle Ceiling is a baffle ceiling system composed of a series of U-shaped metal plates. Its highly customizable sizes and finishes make it widely used in commercial and public spaces. This design provides flexibility to meet different space needs, adding unique beauty and style to the indoor environment. The exquisite appearance and diverse options of U baffle aluminum panel ceiling make it an ideal choice for commercial buildings and public places while ensuring the perfect combination of design and functionality.

Width20-200mm, can be customized
Height20-200mm, can be customized
LengthMax 6000mm, can be customized
Material OptionsAluminum, Steel
Perforation OptionsYes
Acoustic OptionsYes, with sound-absorbing material
Installation SystemSuspension system
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Product Advantages

The U Baffle Ceiling boasts a modern and sophisticated design characterized by its U-shaped hanging elements. This design not only adds a touch of elegance to interior spaces but also serves as an effective solution for optimizing acoustics.

By utilizing its unique U-shaped structure, the U baffle aluminum panel ceiling facilitates the even distribution of sound, reducing echoes and creating a more comfortable auditory environment. This combination of contemporary aesthetics and acoustic functionality makes the U Baffle Ceiling a prime option for spaces aiming to harmonize visual appeal with sound control.

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Application Cases

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