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Guangzhou Tianying Plaza Interior Aluminum Ceiling System Project
Fuli Real Estate, New World Development, and Hopson Development, three major developers, joined forces to erect Tianying Plaza in the heart of Guangzhou's CBD, Zhujiang New Town. Their goal is to establish a landmark ultra-high-end business district in South China.
The Yunnan Nujiang 'Most Beautiful Road' Arched Railing Project
On the banks of the Nujiang River in Yunnan, the winding 'Most Beautiful Road' features picturesque arched railings that intricately blend nature and art, adding boundless poetic charm and beauty to the journey.
Overall Exterior Decorative Solution Project for Electric Vehicle  Charging Stations in Yunnan
Over the past few decades, Pulsat has maintained a steadfast focus on the field of metal ceiling and curtain wall systems. Our team has consistently embraced challenges and worked tirelessly to overcome obstacles, continually enhancing our technical capabilities...
Dongguan BBK Experimental School Ceiling & Facade Project
DongGuan BBK Experimental School, in order to meet the educational needs of employees' children and provide high-quality education, has decided to establish an educational campus with a total construction area of approximately 215,000 square meters on Lianhu Road Chang'an Town, Dongguan City.
Foshan Metro Line 2 Flower World Custom Decorative Ceiling And Wall  System Project
Flower World Station is one of the 'New Eight Sights' in Foshan City. The station's design incorporates the petal and blooming form of the city's flower, the white orchid, providing passengers with a year-round floral viewing experience.
Foshan Metro Line 2 Wanhua Custom Decorative Ceiling And Wall System Project
The design of Wanhua Station revolves around the themes of "fashionable commerce" and "celestial spotlight," incorporating a dynamic and interconnected "web" as well as scattered hollows resembling stars. These elements symbolize the pivotal and interconnected nature of the location.
Haikou Sun&Moon Global Duty Free Plaza Metal Ceiling Project
Located by the shores of the South China Sea, the dazzling Hainan Sun and Moon Square Duty-Free Shop is a luxurious shopping paradise. It brings together a wide array of luxury goods, fashion apparel, jewelry, and cutting-edge electronics, promising a delightful surprise with every step.
Modern Hardware Showroom with Anodized Cooper Surface Finish Panels Project
This is an established hardware store in the industry that dates back to 199X. Several decades of journey have not eroded the continuous improvement of this store, but rather, it has consistently absorbed experience and maintained progress over the years. The store has undergone the test of time and now requires a rejuvenation. Similarly, Prance, with respect for the past and aspirations for the future...
Valuetronic Exterior Facade And Interior Lobby Project
"The exterior walls and wall materials with golden anodized aluminum, imported from Belgium, create a high-end and elegant atmosphere, giving this project a unique and distinctive effect. Choosing the right materials is an essential step in achieving this remarkable outcome."
Youli Carburetor Office Lobby Anodized Ceiling And Wall Project
The use of silver and gold anodized panels for the ceiling and walls, combined with marble flooring and column cladding, creates a magnificent and atmospheric atmosphere in the entire lobby.
807 N.3rd High-End Residential Apartment Wood-grain Facade Project
The challenge for our product lies in the strict control of its quality because this project involves high-end residential buildings where the decorative materials used need to be exceptional.
Cambodia Hotel External Electric Louver Sunshade Curtain Wall
The uniquely designed golden electric louver sunshade, capable of opening and closing at any time with motorized control, swiftly transformed into a local landmark project.
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