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Sky-Curve Panel

Sky-Curve Panel

Sky Curve is a specially designed decorative system that can be applied to ceilings or walls. It features a unique wave-like form that adds an extraordinary effect and style to any environment.

To accommodate diverse design requirements, the length and spacing of each panel can be customized to suit individual needs. With no limitations on this special product, we simply require the measurement of the target area, after which we will provide you with detailed drawings and a30 model for review and confirmation.
SpecificationsRangeCustom Options
Baffle Depth50mm to 450mmAvailable
Baffle Length1000mm to 6000mmAvailable
Blade Spacing0mm to 100mmNo requirement
Baffle ThicknessAL2.5mm or aboveDepend on project
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Product Advantages

Sky-Curve Panels elevate the visual appeal of interior spaces with their unique curved design and artistic flair.

Simultaneously, they enhance acoustic environments by absorbing and diffusing sound waves, infusing modern creativity and functionality into the design.

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Installation Node Diagram

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Application Cases

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