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Who We Are

Tradition And Innovation: 
The Marvelous Fusion Of Two Generations Of Craftsmen

In 1960, a young artisan named Run Huo embarked on his journey in the realm of metal craftsmanship in a small town in Foshan, Guangdong, China. This town was renowned for its rich tradition in metal craftsmanship, and the Huo family were the guardians of this tradition.

Run Huo's grandfather was the first-generation metal craftsman of the town, earning respect for his unique skills and innovative designs. Run Huo's father inherited his grandfather's skills and took them to greater heights. He not only preserved the family's craft, but also infused modern elements, creating a series of breathtaking metal artworks

● The Call of Tradition, the Determination of Innovation
Growing up in his father's workshop, Run Huo listened to the hymns of metal sung by his elders, and his love for metal materials and craftsmanship gradually took root. However, he realized that as modern architecture grew more complex and diverse, metal craftsmanship needed to integrate with modern technology. His curiosity about mechanics led him to venture into the field of central air conditioning. After years of learning and practice, he became an exceptional central air conditioning engineer. Yet, he never forgot the metal craftsmanship tradition of his hometown, firmly believing that tradition and modernity could coalesce to create something of greater value.
Influenced by his father and the family's history, Run Huo's son, John Huo, choose to study mechanical manufacturing in college, driven by a passion for the local metal craftsmanship tradition. Guided and inspired by his father, John Huo began merging metal craftsmanship with modern technology during his university years, paving the way for future innovation.
● Interweaving Tradition and Innovation: Embarking on a New Journey
Under his father's influence, John Huo decided to integrate the family's tradition with his own innovative ideas in the field of metal ceiling and curtain wall systems. This decision not only continued the family's legacy but also symbolized a commitment to future innovation. Father and son collaborated closely, infusing metal artistry into designs and leveraging modern technology to optimize the functionality of metal ceiling and curtain wall systems.
Establishing PRANCE Metalwork Building Material
In 1996, John Huo officially founded "PRANCE Metalwork Building Material," merging family tradition with cutting-edge technology. The company aimed to create metal ceiling and curtain wall systems that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing, infusing unique artistry and functionality into buildings and interiors.
The Fusion of Tradition and Innovation: Building a Shared Future

Throughout their entrepreneurial journey, innovation and breakthroughs remained pillars of their values. Unsatisfied with limiting traditions, they dared to challenge difficulties and continuously sought new designs, materials, and techniques. Their efforts were not only evident in the beauty of their metal artworks, but also in the seamless integration of traditional metal craftsmanship with the demands of modern architecture, creating boundless possibilities.

Through inheritance and innovation, PRANCE Metalwork Building Material not only brought beauty and utility to global architecture and interior design, but also conveyed the precious values of respecting tradition and pursuing innovation. Their story encapsulated reverence for tradition, commitment to innovation, and the power of overcoming challenges. The brand's development vividly illustrated the harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, and the positive impact of innovation and breakthroughs on society and culture. Through their endeavors, they didn't just create beauty; they injected vitality and positivity into society, becoming trailblazers towards a future of progress.

As an aluminum ceiling manufacturer, we firmly believe that enterprises should assume social responsibilities and contribute to the harmonious development of society. In our operation and development process, we have always upheld the values of integrity, innovation, responsibility, and win-win, and have always integrated them into all aspects of the enterprise. We believe that with our joint efforts, our company will continue to grow and become the world's leading aluminum ceiling manufacturer.
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We hold a strong sense of responsibility towards our clients, team, and society. We consistently uphold our commitments and serve as a model of responsibility.
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We actively embrace challenges, continuously surpass ourselves, and strive for higher goals, leading the industry forward.
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Innovation is the driving force behind our success. We encourage our employees to explore new ideas, new technologies, and constantly promote industry innovation.
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Anchored in professionalism, we provide high-quality products and services, showcasing exceptional technical expertise and collaboration skills.
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Collaborative success is our belief. Through close cooperation with clients, partners, and employees, we achieve mutual benefits, creating enduring value.
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Our vision
Our vision is to become a worldwide leader in the field of metal ceilings and facade systems, driving the forefront of technology and design innovation. We aim to provide our customers with unique and exceptional solutions. By consistently surpassing customer expectations, we strive to establish enduring partnerships. 

Our aspiration is to achieve global influence as a leading manufacturer of metal ceilings and facades. Through active engagement in diverse projects, we aim to shape the future of the construction industry. We are committed to leading the industry through continuous technological innovation, propelling new manufacturing and design approaches.
Our Future
The metal ceiling and facade system industry will continue to experience sustained development in the future. As architectural designs lean towards innovation and sustainability, the diversity and durability of metal materials will play a significant role in both exterior aesthetics and interior decoration. Simultaneously, the increasing demands for acoustics and ventilation will drive the continued growth of metal ceiling, wall, and facade needs.

With technological advancements, these products will become more customized to meet the unique requirements of various projects. Overall,The metal ceiling and facade system industry will continue to evolve in terms of innovation, environmental-friendliness, and functionality, bringing forth more possibilities to the field of architecture.
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