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Corrugated Ceiling panels are a type of construction material that feature a repeating wavy or rippled pattern attached to the back of the facing panels. They are frequently used in ceiling applications and are designed with a hook-on system.
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MaterialAluminum or Steel -
Facing Panel Thickness0.8-2.0mm -
Width600-2000mmRegular width is s1200mm
LengthMax 6000mm-
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Corrugated ceiling panels Advantage
Unique Aesthetics:
Corrugated ceiling panels create a distinctive texture and three-dimensional effect, adding visual appeal and a unique aesthetic style to interior spaces.

Acoustic Performance:
The corrugated design aids in absorbing and dispersing sound waves, improving indoor acoustics, reducing noise reflection, and providing a more comfortable environment.

Structural Rigidity:
Corrugated panels enhance material stiffness, enabling better load-bearing capacity and pressure resistance while minimizing potential deformations and damage.
Application Cases
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