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Design is the bridge connecting a building's soul with the world, crafting interiors and exteriors that resonate with life.
Exterior design speaks of a building's character, where facade tell tales of history and aspiration.
Interior design is the fusion of artistry and functionality, where innovation and comfort dance together.
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With over 20 years of dedicated research and development, as well as project implementation in metal ceiling, wall and facade systems product, we have accumulated a wealth of extraordinary cases. These years of experience drive us to share the remarkable examples we have created with others. Hence, our technical team includes a design group capable of generating designs based on the dimensions you provide, along with your ideas and preferences. We are also here to offer suggestions. We blend your concepts, thoughts, desired content, and your positioning, to comprehensively present outcomes that resonate with you.

For example, if you want to enhance the appearance of shipping containers from the outside, we will present several options for you to select from. After confirming the chosen option, we will then provide a complete set of construction drawings to ensure the project is successfully executed.
Luxury stores, LV, GUCCI, Sailing ship design, Curved façade, ccurate, high details, high quality
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Tailor-make profect solutions for your metal ceiling & wall projects. Get a complete solution for customized metal ceiling & wall projects. Receive technical support for metal ceiling & wall design,installation & correction.
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