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Oval Dome Sunroom

Oval Dome Sunroom

Oval Dome Sunroom Series

PRANCE is committed to creating a brand new experience with its Oval Dome Sunroom. The uniqueness of the product lies in its high-quality aluminum alloy frame, German Bayer PC board, and high-toughness rubber strip construction. This not only ensures the dome aluminium sunroom product's durability but also provides users with a clear and transparent view and excellent sound and heat insulation.

PRANCE oval dome aluminum sunroom is not only more cost-effective in terms of construction costs but also exceptionally convenient to install. Its innovative design aims to meet users' demands for comfort, style, and a high-quality living experience.

Choosing PRANCE's oval aluminum sunroom not only ensures a durable and reliable product but also brings a clear and transparent view and excellent sound and heat insulation to users. The innovative design meets users' demands for comfort, style, and a high-quality living experience.

The pulley door opening design can open the door 180°~360°, giving you more space to truly experience the beautiful scenery!

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Product Specifications
 PRANCE's oval aluminum sunroom has a stable structure, strong compression resistance, and no fear of wind and rain. 
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Thick aluminum profile skeleton, 20-year rubber strip warranty, excellent airtightness mold vacuum hot bending, B-grade fireproof PC German Bayer sheet.
360 ° fully transparent, non-toxic and odorless, fireproof and anti smashing, high safety, and strong concealment.
Oval Aluminum Sunroom Product Front View
Product Top View
Dome Aluminium Sun Room Product Top View

Product Front View

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Technical Parameter

Φ3.5-5.0 Dome Sunroom

Φ4.0-6.0 Dome Sunroom


Aluminum Profile: 6063-T5
Wall Thickness: 2.0-5.0mm
LED Smart Lights
Aluminum Profile: 6063-T5
Wall Thickness: 2.0-5.0mm
LED Smart Lights
German BAYER PC Board
(5.0mm Thickness)
German BAYER PC Board
(5.0mm Thickness)
Specifications (mm)

Φ: 3500-5000
H: 2650
Area: 14.88m²

Φ: 4500-6000
H: 2750
Area: 22.62m²

Wooden Box Sizes
(L*W*H mm)



Number of
Wooden Box


Number of
Containers Packed
With Electrostatic Film
Pearl Cotton


Available Colors

Hermes Orange,Tiffany Blue
Metallic Gunmetal Gray
Product Introduction Video
PRANCE is dedicated to creating a brand new home aluminium sunroom living experience.
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Product details
Pay attention to the details of the oval dome aluminium sunroom product and show the enjoyment of life.
Physical Shooting
The oval dome aluminium sunroom picture was taken from a corner of the PRANCE product showroom, withthe color Tiffany Blue.
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Adjustable intensity light strip, bright and soft lighting.
The details of the product showcase exquisite craftsmanship.
The lifting sunroof has a mosquito repellent cover when raised.
细节4 (2)
Silent ventilation fan, combined with lifting skylight to achieve air flow.
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Color Selection
The oval aluminum sunroom from PRANCE dome aluminum sunroom manufacturer is available in three colors to meet the application effects of various scenes.
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Interior decoration style
Dome Aluminium Sunrooms are suitable for a variety of decoration styles.
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Intelligent System Selection
A variety of intelligent systems can be matched to enhance indoor comfort.
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Product advantage
Choose us, and we promise to do everything needed to ensure a successful and satisfactory working partnership. The 8 reasons set out below will give you an insight into our advantages.
Within ten years, the PC panel yellow index is less than 10.
The dome sunroom transmittance can reach up to 90%.
5mm thick PC board with sound insulation of 26 decibels.
Strong impact resistance, police explosion proof shield materials.
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It is non -toxic and tasteless, it does not produce any smell after exposure.
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Improve installation efficiency, reduce logistics and installation costs.
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Thermal insulation & UV resistant dome sunroom, with a cooling sensation of 5-8 ℃.
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Aviation-grade rubber strips, 20 years of aging warranty.
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Product installation video

  • Convenience: The design of the Dome Sunroom is simple and clear, and the installation and disassembly are very convenient. Just follow the installation video and online communication guidance to easily complete it.
  • Flexible: Whether in the urban houses or the mountains in the countryside, you can build a Dome Sunroom as you want.
  • Personality: For the internal facilities of the Dome Sunroom, you can arrange according to personal preferences. Allow each customer to experience a unique star journey.

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Application Cases

Widely practical, including private residential balconies and courtyards, commercial shops, private rooms, karaoke rooms, scenic observation cabins, homestays, and more.
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