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Clip In Ceiling

Clip In Metal Ceiling

Clip In Metal Ceiling are available in a variety of perforated patterns and styles. Adding acoustic paper to the back of perforated ceilings minimizes the impact of noise, The clip-in ceiling system offers various specifications, colors, and surface finishes for designers and buyers to choose from, and is commonly used in office buildings.

Project Gallery

Airport, Transport Station, Shopping mall, Conference, exhibition center, hotel, stadium, hospital, school, office
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Key Features & Performance

● The product is customizable (in terms of shape and size).
● Easy Installation And Maintenance
● Can be painted to achieve any desired color.
● For Indoor use
● Economical, lightweight, durable.
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Panel Dimensions

SizePerforatedPowder coatedStraight edgeBevel edgeEdge height

Customizable Finishes

● 4D Wood-Grain Surface Finish 
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● Anodized Copper & Bronze Surface Finish
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● Anodized Surface Finish
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● Glass-Look Surface Finish
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● Powder Coating Surface Finish
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● Stone-Grain Surface Finish
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● Pre-Coating Surface Finish
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● Wood-Grain Surface Finish
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● Printing Surface Finish
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● PVDF Surface Finish
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Size Diagram And Install Node

Clip In Ceiling Installation Node Diagram

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