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Tegular Ceiling System

Tegular Ceiling system

The Tegular Ceiling System boasts a unique design and multiple advantages. Characterized by its raised edges, it adds a sense of depth and dimension to the space while effectively absorbing sound, providing excellent acoustic performance.

This system not only brings aesthetic appeal to interiors but also offers more options for lighting and airflow. The combination of distinctive design and practicality makes the Tegular Ceiling System an ideal choice for commercial, office, and educational environments.

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MaterialAluminum alloy 
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Why We Choose Custom Tegular Ceiling System?

Tegular ceiling system features recessed edges that create a distinct visual effect, adding depth and dimension to the ceiling, and providing a more sophisticated and stylish appearance.
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The design of the tegular panels, along with the air space created by the recessed edges, contributes to effective sound absorption, reducing noise levels and improving the overall acoustics of the space.
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Tegular ceiling panels are often easy to remove and replace, making maintenance tasks such as accessing the plenum, repairing or upgrading the ceiling, and servicing utilities simpler and more convenient.
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