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Metal Composite Panel

Composite Metal Panel


A Metal Composite Panel is a high-performance construction material composed of two layers of metal skins bonded to a core of polyethylene or mineral wool. It combines the aesthetic appeal of metal exteriors with the advantages of being lightweight, thermally and acoustically insulating, fire-resistant, and more. 

This material not only meets aesthetic requirements but also offers exceptional functional properties, making it suitable for a variety of architectural and decorative applications, thus becoming a preferred choice in modern architectural design.
● Size: Customized
Material: Material:Aluminum alloy
Thickness: Size:Customized
Style: Corrugated Ceiling Panels Honeycomb Panel

Product Advantage

Unique Aesthetics
Corrugated ceiling panels create a distinctive texture and three-dimensional effect, adding visual appeal and a unique aesthetic style to interior spaces.
Acoustic Performance
The corrugated design aids in absorbing and dispersing sound waves, improving indoor acoustics, reducing noise reflection, and providing a more comfortable environment.
Structural Rigidity
Corrugated panels enhance material stiffness, enabling better load-bearing capacity and pressure resistance while minimizing potential deformations and damage.
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Application Cases

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