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Aluminum honeycomb panel construction and purchase methods

Are you considering using aluminum honeycomb panels for your construction project? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the construction process and share the best purchase methods.

Aluminum honeycomb panel is now a very popular ceiling material. Whether in office areas, dining areas, hotels, factories, supermarkets and other places, you can see a variety of aluminum honeycomb panel curtain walls everywhere. It is transparent and simple. The characteristics are unanimously loved by consumers, but what are the methods when choosing and purchasing during construction? Next, PRANCE aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer will introduce it to you.

1. Construction of aluminum honeycomb panels

1. Determine the position of the aluminum honeycomb panel. Because the area of each layer is relatively large when suspending the ceiling, we should determine the parallel relationship between the ceiling and the walls, columns, etc., determine the baseline, and plaster according to the baseline to ensure Parallel to vertical relationship.

2. Aluminum honeycomb panel arching height: The arching height is particularly important when suspending ceilings. Generally speaking, the arching height can be about 1/200 of the 8M column spacing. If it is too large or too small, it may affect the construction. .

3. Placement of inspection holes for aluminum honeycomb panel equipment: Because valves must be installed in various pipelines, it is required to leave certain inspection holes at corresponding positions when the grille ceiling is suspended. Note that the positions of the inspection holes are different in vertical and horizontal rows.

4. When installing aluminum honeycomb panel ceilings, you must find a professional construction team and operate in accordance with the construction requirements to ensure the safety and integrity of the construction.

2. Selection of aluminum honeycomb panels

1. Whether the strength of the produced product meets the standard. The promotional pictures are not as good as seeing is believing. If you have the conditions, you can go to the manufacturer to have a look.

2. Color matching and whether the color is shiny and uniform. Generally, an excellent material manufacturer will handle these small details in place.

3. Is there any bumps or scratches on the surface of the product?

4. Understand the reputation of aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturers in the market.

Through the staff of PRANCE aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer, have you learned the construction and purchase methods of aluminum honeycomb panels? I hope our introduction can help you better

Aluminum honeycomb panel construction and purchase methods 1

In conclusion, aluminum honeycomb panels are an excellent choice for construction due to their lightweight yet strong properties. They offer superior durability, insulation, and fire resistance. Purchasing these panels can be done through various methods such as contacting manufacturers directly or utilizing online platforms. It is important to consider factors like panel size, thickness, and finishes before making a purchase. Additionally, comparing quotes and reviewing customer feedback can help ensure a smooth transaction. Overall, investing in aluminum honeycomb panels is a smart decision for any construction project.

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