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Are large chandeliers suitable for installing aluminum ceilings?

Large chandeliers should not be installed above the ceiling to create an overall effect. The aluminum ceiling integrated suspended ceiling market continues to expand, and the competition is cruel, both in terms of price and novelty. However, few people see how beautiful the aluminum ceiling style is, but it also limits the field of integrated suspended ceilings, with changing styles and lack of innovation. Cannot be extended to other styles of fields.

Integrated ceiling aluminum ceiling is a very good home decoration material. Nowadays, people's high requirements for decoration are in line with the development of aluminum ceiling. If you want to have a beautiful home, please use aluminum ceiling.

Some lights can be dispersed, but the shape of the large chandelier above the aluminum ceiling that is not decorated with oversized chandeliers must have an acute angle, which is prone to braking.

The second lamp is too easy to "evil soul", which is a manifestation of "average". Too much light creates a sense of oppression and crisis for the people below. When residents walk here, they have to worry that the lamp belongs to them.

Aluminum recessed ceiling for overall effect: The overall ceiling is positioned in large spaces and more, and can become a top-level hall, hall, corridor, roof, kitchen top, under the roof, where someone can live a happy life and shop, where the entire aluminum The presence of a suspended ceiling, the nature of the entire ceiling, extends from the ceiling, but its opposite.

The integrated ceiling pays attention to the entire ceiling effect, rather than considering more colors from the overall space, and the overall aluminum ceiling and all-aluminum ceiling connect the style positioning of the space, and the purpose is clearer.

All-aluminum alloy ceilings, although there is a good design product selection, but the style and details can be changed. Integral aluminum alloy ceiling lamps and aluminum ceilings, including design, material installation steps, and related house recommended supply behaviors The role is a bold innovation.

The entire ceiling is directly fully decorated as a whole, and the top ceiling is just a part of the overall decoration that is perfectly integrated. From product design concepts, technical features, marketing models, channel design, significant changes occur most directly in the entire ceiling and their integration Decorating.

Are large chandeliers suitable for installing aluminum ceilings? 1

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