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Ceiling craftsmanship and decoration precautions

When it comes to ceiling craftsmanship and decoration, it's crucial to take certain precautions. In this blog, we will explore the essential measures to ensure a flawless and safe ceiling design. Let's delve into the world of ceilings and uncover expert tips for a remarkable outcome.

Nowadays, most homes will be decorated with suspended ceilings, because suspended ceilings can make the entire home look more beautiful and improve the quality of decoration, so they are favored by consumers. So, the editor below will share with you an introduction to the PRANCE ceiling technology, and what should you pay attention to when decorating the ceiling?

1. Introduction to ceiling technology

1. During the ceiling lifting process, because the craftsmanship is not up to standard, the easy-to-crack places will definitely be the corners. Use wooden keel ceiling decoration. Due to thermal expansion and cooling, the wooden frame is easy to deform and shrink, causing the corners to be unable to bear force, and then the ceiling will crack. In severe cases, smallpox may also occur.

2. When making the keel base, if it is a wooden keel structure, you need to paint a layer of fireproof and moisture-proof paint on the wooden keel to prevent moisture and insect infestation in the future.

3. When making the base of the keel, you can use expansion screws to reinforce it. Use 2-3 enough expansion screws for a square log at an interval of 300 * 300 to achieve a very strong and uniform force and prevent uneven stress on the ceiling. falling off situation.

4. When capping the gypsum board, an "L"-shaped corner treatment can be used to prevent cracking at the corners later.

5. At the joint between the gypsum board and the gypsum board, we need to use a "V"-shaped joint treatment, which will be more convenient for future porcelain powder filling.

6. After hanging, anti-rust paint should be applied to the nail holes to make it look more beautiful.

7. When applying ceramic powder, use gauze or kraft paper to cover the filled gaps before proceeding with ceramic powder construction.

8. After completing the porcelain powder and latex paint, the ceiling project will be completed.

The above is the ceiling craftsmanship. I hope it can help everyone. Then lets learn about what should be paid attention to when decorating the ceiling?

Issues that should be paid attention to when decorating ceilings.

1. Dont blindly decorate the ceiling

If your house is relatively low and the space is small, you also need to install a ceiling. This will give people a sense of visual depression and tension, and is not suitable for people to live in it. Therefore, when making a suspended ceiling according to the conditions of the house, you cannot blindly pursue beauty.

2. The ceiling height needs to be appropriate

Before installing the ceiling, we need to consider the height of the ceiling. If the height of the house is 2.6 2.8 meters, we can consider making a simple ceiling shape, do not make a large area, it will be strange, the general ceiling height is 2.3 2.6 meters.

3. Determine the style of the ceiling

Ceilings come in many styles, such as straight lines, flat roofs, odd shapes, and more. Different styles of suspended ceilings are suitable for different types of houses and houses of different heights. Therefore, when we make a ceiling, we should decide what kind of ceiling shape to make based on the decoration style of our home.

Ceiling craftsmanship and decoration precautions 1

In conclusion, it is vital to consider certain precautions when it comes to ceiling craftsmanship and decoration. Firstly, ensure thorough planning to avoid any structural issues or design conflicts. Secondly, prioritize safety by using proper equipment and materials during installation. Additionally, regular maintenance and inspection should be conducted to prevent any damages or deterioration. Lastly, seek professional guidance to guarantee a well-executed ceiling design that enhances the overall aesthetics of your space. By adhering to these precautions, you can achieve a stunning ceiling that adds value and beauty to your home or office.

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