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Different surface treatment processes for aluminum ceilings

The purpose of different surface treatment processes for aluminum ceilings is to protect the surface layer of the aluminum material from oxidation, so that it will still appear smooth and clean after many years of use. In the building materials industry, there are many surface treatment methods for aluminum ceiling panels, but the three most commonly used in the decorative materials industry are roller coating, spray coating, and lamination. The aluminum materials treated by the three methods are called roll-coated aluminum plates, spray-coated aluminum plates, and film-coated aluminum plates.

1. Roller coated aluminum plate;

1. Roller coating method: According to the customer's color requirements, the paint of the required color is applied to the surface of the aluminum material, and the coated aluminum coil is formed after high-temperature baking. In order to ensure the adhesion of the aluminum plate coating, the corresponding aluminum material needs to be cleaned and dried before painting to make it have higher adhesion to the paint. In the building materials industry, there are three types of paints used for roller coating: polyester, fluorocarbon, and nano. The first two are the most commonly used. Polyester is a low-density plastic that is flexible and produces strain when it bends. Polyurethane is added to polyester to make it soft, which is usually used indoors. Fluorocarbon is a coating material produced in the United States. It is a combination of fluorine and carbon. Its stability is excellent compared to polyester paint. It will not change color in the case of wind, rain and sun. It is an excellent material for outdoor projects. Compared with polyester paint, the cost of fluorocarbon paint is higher. Nano uses physical and chemical methods to minimize the molecules of polyester and fluorocarbon to the nanometer level to form a new coating. Its characteristics are bright, strong self-cleaning, and free from oil and dust. Apply it on the standard coating surface during construction. Coating methods include single coating, double coating, triple coating and other processes. A single coating is just one coat of paint and it's done. Double coating is to apply the primer first and then the topcoat. The double-coated paint surface is thicker and has better protection effect, so the quality of the paint surface is better when bending. Therefore, in high-end ceiling materials, the double coating process is generally used. The third coat is to add a layer of varnish on top of the first two coats.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Roller Coating Board Advantages: The paint surface is delicate and smooth. The paint has good adhesion to the aluminum plate and has a long service life. Paint cannot replace the thickness of aluminum panels. It cannot be painted because it is too thick. Using paint to offset aluminum is not cost-effective. Disadvantages: The requirements for aluminum materials are high, and inferior aluminum materials cannot be painted, or the coating may be uneven and the surface paint may peel off after painting. The coated aluminum materials of some special-shaped panels cannot be constructed. If construction is carried out, the paint surface will be damaged and cannot be repaired afterwards.

3. Inspection indicators of roller-coated boards: Excellent roller-coated boards should be used during aluminum ceiling construction, so that there will be a good ceiling effect. During acceptance, in addition to checking the grade, specifications, dimensional flatness, etc. of the roller-coated aluminum substrate, attention should also be paid to the quality of the paint. For example, whether the paint peels off after processing, whether the surface is smooth and clean, and whether there are no scratches, unevenness, color difference, missing paint, spots, ribbons, etc. When the paint film thickness is 0.02mm, the T bend should not be greater than 2T. The difference in surface color of aluminum ceilings is called chromatic aberration. If color difference occurs, it will seriously affect the construction quality. During the production process, even if the same equipment and the same process are used, the colors of products produced at different times will be slightly different. For example, if a project has tens of thousands of square meters of ceiling panels and uses batch supply and batch production, the result will be color difference.

2. Spray coating board

The process of spray-coated panels is just the opposite of that of roller-coated panels. It first shapes the bare aluminum panels according to the customer's drawings, then polishes them clean, then sends them to a cleaning tank for alkali washing, pickling, and water cleaning, then drying, and then sends them to the spray paint room for spray paint. and baking. Spraying methods are divided into electrostatic adsorption method and non-static method. There are also dry powder spraying and liquid spraying. We usually use electrostatic adsorption method. Some of the paints used are suitable for indoor use, while others are suitable for outdoor use and are anti-aging materials. This is based on the customer's needs. The thickness of the aluminum plate surface spray is generally 50-100um, which is several times thicker than the paint surface of the roller coating plate. The spraying process is carried out after the aluminum plate is formed. Small defects in the aluminum plate itself and small defects added when the aluminum plate is formed can be made up for by the spraying process. The spray coating process offers considerable flexibility. Special-shaped boards generally use spraying technology. When customers require the use of 1.5mm aluminum plates, they are also spray-coated plates. The equipment used for spraying mainly includes spray guns and baking ovens. The models and styles of equipment vary, and the price difference is correspondingly large. Spray coating is mostly used for engineering ceiling products and less for home decoration.

3. Film-coated board

The laminated board is made by pasting a layer of plastic (PET) film on a bare aluminum board, which is pressed up and down using rollers. In addition, colors and patterns can be printed on the plastic film in advance to beautify the board surface. However, because plastics are prone to aging, the market has not been well promoted. In the contemporary building materials market, small square boards made of film-coated boards, which we call home decoration boards in the industry, are usually hoisted in bathrooms and kitchens. They are beautiful and affordable, and have great market prospects. Usually used for home decoration. However, film-coated panels are generally not used in large engineering buildings.

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Different surface treatment processes for aluminum ceilings 1

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