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High quality aluminum panel facade

Aluminum panels are made of aluminum alloy as raw materials. They are formed by CNC bending and other techniques according to the size, shape and structure of the project design drawing to ensure that the panels are flat after processing. Surface treatment methods include spray coating, fluorocarbon spraying, and polyester spraying. , wood grain transfer and other methods. The color of the surface treatment can be customized using the color card provided by the company or the color plate provided by the customer.

Aluminum panel products generally have different surface treatments to choose from depending on where they are used. The surface treatment of aluminum panels generally goes through surface cleaning, drying, cleaning, chromating, drying and other pre-treatments, and then powder spraying or fluorocarbon spraying. If wood grain is required, it should be based on the background color of the wood grain. After spraying treatment, it is then processed by a heat transfer machine, etc. Powder spraying is generally ordinary powder processing and polyester spraying. The weather resistance is generally more than 10 years. The weather resistance of fluorocarbon spray is better than that of powder. It is especially suitable for outdoor use. It can show its superior corrosion resistance in wind and rain. performance.

High-quality aluminum panel facade products have low density, light weight, high tensile strength, strong metallic luster on the surface, uniform coating, bright and diverse colors, strong three-dimensional effect and large selection space. Curtain wall aluminum panels treated with fluorocarbon spraying technology have high self-cleaning properties that are not easily stained, making it difficult for dust and pollution on their surfaces to adhere and making them easier to clean. In addition, curtain wall aluminum panels do not emit any gas that is harmful to the human body, and are truly green, environmentally friendly, and recyclable products.

High quality aluminum panel facade 1

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