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How to buy aluminum ceiling to avoid being scammed?

There are two installation methods for aluminum ceilings: light steel keels and painted keels. As far as tooling ceilings are concerned, painted keels are more commonly used.

The cost of a suspended ceiling consists of three parts. The first is the cost of the aluminum ceiling (cut to a certain length based on the area of the owner's house); the second is the cost of the corner materials. Generally, the dealer will help you calculate what you need based on the situation of your home. How much is the margin; the third part is labor money.

Notes on ceiling acceptance:

The aluminum ceiling and the matching keel are made of metal sheets. The connection form of the aluminum ceiling is plug-in type. In order to ensure that the connection is smooth and not loose, the size of the connection structure should be relatively accurate, and the allowable adjustment range is small. Installation The requirements are higher. The installation level directly determines the use effect. Many users said that after buying cheap aluminum plates, problems with the connection between the plates and the keel will appear after less than half a year of use. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone that if the top structure is not installed flatly or the keel or aluminum ceiling is deformed, it is necessary to Medium and hard insertion will cause the aluminum ceiling to be uneven. Here, I suggest you buy a brand aluminum ceiling with good quality and complete after-sales service.

In order to avoid unevenness in the aluminum ceiling, the following points should be paid attention to during the decoration construction process:

(1) The purchased aluminum ceiling and supporting keels and accessories should meet product quality requirements and must not be bent or deformed.

(2) During transportation and stacking, aluminum ceilings must be placed flat, not subject to pressure, and protected from corrosion by high temperatures and harmful substances.

(3) The keel should be installed flatly, and the spacing deviation should be controlled within the allowable range of 1.5 meters.

(4) When installing aluminum ceilings, if there are deviations in size, they should be adjusted first and then inserted in order. Hard insertion is not allowed to prevent deformation.

(5) Large lamps, exhaust fans and other items should be fixed to the keels separately and should not be placed directly on the aluminum ceiling.

As long as you pay attention to the above five points, you can basically achieve the firmness of the aluminum ceiling and avoid unevenness. During the construction process, if necessary, observation and inspection can be carried out by measuring, hand testing, etc.

How to buy aluminum ceiling to avoid being scammed? 1

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How to buy aluminum ceiling to avoid being scammed? 2

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