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How to choose the color of aluminum ceiling

The color of aluminum ceiling should be selected according to the environment. The color selection of the whole house with aluminum gusset ceiling can bring out the best effect if it is reasonably matched. The ceiling of the aluminum gusset ceiling is the correct solution based on the color of the wall tiles or cabinets where the customer is located. Choosing ceramic tiles with the same color as the ceiling, and matching various suit boards and white boards have become the mainstream matching solutions for suspended ceiling products.

Aluminum ceiling pure color matching method, many factors must be selected according to the indoor color, it should be a bold matching method, and the decision must be made based on the actual situation.

When choosing colored products that match metal ceilings and wall tiles, you should also pay attention to the color coordination with the tiles. Try to choose products that are more comfortable with the color of the aluminum gusset tiles on the wall.

The choice of the integrated ceiling aluminum gusset plate should be as consistent as possible with the wall tiles. Choose a color that looks more comfortable and at the same time try to make the top surface dent disappear. You can choose a brighter color combination, aluminum ceiling, dark color ratio The color of the top surface of the floor generally does not exceed three colors.

The color of the aluminum alloy ceiling should not be darker than the floor. The color of the wall is most suitable for white ceiling. Art board is the latest developed and popular personality sample. With creative matching, the aluminum ceiling can become the decoration of the entire home. A bright spot is not absolute. Of course, it may be the opposite. The space can better complement the ceiling method, but the risk is also high. Choose under the guidance of the best designer.

If your tiles are in cool colors, such as blue, you can choose aluminum ceilings in the same color, such as pearly white and pearl white colors with brushed green or pearlescent light; if your room has warm-toned tiles, you You can choose the same warm aluminum ceiling products for matching. Gold pearls and pearl white or pink drawings and pearl white are all good choices.

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PRANCE focuses on the principle of "continuous improvement on product quality" and actively conducts R&D research before production.

PRANCE takes the lead in manufacturing for years.We have been paying attention to producing finest and providing the most professional service.aluminum ceiling has been widely used in water reservoirs, dams, tunnels, foundations, retaining walls, and sewage treatment plants.

PRANCE is dedicated to technical innovation, flexible management, and processing equipment upgrading to improve production efficiency.

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Leading R&D level: Our industry-leading R&D level has been achieved through continuous research and technological development, as well as by unleashing the creativity of our designers.

Our company has advanced production equipment and superior production lines. In addition, there are perfect testing methods and quality assurance system. All this not only guarantees a certain yield, but also ensures the excellent quality of our products.PRANCE was founded in . With years of unremitting efforts, we are now a manufacturer of pet supplies equipped with advanced production equipment and complete quality control mechanism.If we have refunds agreements, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges. The balance will be refunded back to you after we receive the items.

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