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How to enjoy a garden dome in summer

Welcome to a paradise of tranquility and sensory delights – summer is here and so is the captivating world of garden domes! If you are yearning to revel in the beauty of nature while being shielded from its elements, then look no further. In this article, we delve into the sheer bliss of garden domes and how they offer a unique and enchanting experience during the sun-kissed season. Get ready to unlock the secrets to maximizing your enjoyment in these stunning sanctuaries, immersing yourself in breathtaking surroundings, and creating unforgettable memories. Come along and explore the endless possibilities of embracing a garden dome in summer, as we invite you to step into a world of pure bliss and enchantment.

PRANCE's dome sunrooms are perfect for extending your outdoor living space all year round. They are particularly suitable for use during the warmer months, when the garden is bursting with colour, and the nights are long, mild and bright. If you're not sure whether you can use your garden dome on a hot sunny day without getting too hot, try following our tips to help keep the temperature at a comfortable level. But before we dive into those, let’s take a moment to explore the benefits of having a summer dome in your garden. How to enhance your summer lifestyle Are you looking for a cozy space to enjoy the beauty of your garden even on a cold summer morning or evening? The fully enclosed PRANCE dome sunroom provides the perfect retreat to stay warm and cozy while enjoying the peaceful ambience of your outdoor space. Since they're completely covered, you won't be able to get rid of annoying flies or wasps forever. If you seal your summer dome from the ground using our soft floor membranes or insulated modular bases, it will also become a no-go zone for bugs and spiders. Tips for keeping your summer dome comfortable in warm weather Location is an important factor in the temperature inside your garden dome, especially if you choose a crystal clear dome sunroom. As with all transparent structures, the interior can get too hot on a hot sunny day. If possible, place the dome where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Alternatively, consider a tinted finish instead of a clear one. Ideally, choose a location for your dome that will catch a gentle breeze (as this will help with ventilation inside when the doors and windows are open). What can you do to make your garden dome a comfortable and inviting retreat during the summer? Here are some great tips for cooling your dome: Use shading accessories - Install shade sails to control sunlight and prevent your dome from overheating in the summer. Smart Planting – Planting trees and shrubs near your dome will not only enhance its beauty but also provide some much-needed shade. Ventilate frequently – Open doors and tilt window panels to use them as vents to allow air to flow through the dome. Use a Portable Air Conditioning (AC) Unit - If you live in a hot climate, consider using a self-contained AC unit that is located on the outside of the dome and connected by ducts. These devices effectively pump in cool air to relieve heat. Feel the summer atmosphere in the Garden Dome For a chic and flexible alternative to a traditional summer house, consider building a summer dome on your patio. If you plan on using your dome during the warmer months when wearing flip-flops is a must, see the tips above to keep it comfortable inside. Installing a PRANCE dome sunroom will enhance the charm of your garden and expand your options for dining, working, fitness, letting the kids play or relaxing. On a sunny summer evening, sip a cold beer or iced tea in the dome and you'll feel as cool as a cucumber! ​


1. Emphasizing the benefits of a garden dome experience in the summer season: As the summer sun shines its brightest, there is no better time to embrace the joys of a garden dome. With its unique design and versatile functionality, a garden dome provides the perfect escape from the sweltering heat while still allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

2. Encouraging readers to explore the endless possibilities of a garden dome: Whether you wish to create a serene oasis for relaxation or an entertainment hub for hosting unforgettable summer gatherings, a garden dome offers limitless opportunities for customization and personalization. The only limit is your imagination.

3. Highlighting the convenience and ease of enjoying a garden dome: Unlike traditional outdoor living spaces, a garden dome effortlessly blends comfort with convenience. Equipped with comfortable seating, lighting, and even climate control options, you can enjoy the splendors of summer without any hassle or discomfort.

4. Inviting readers to seize the opportunity to elevate their summer experience: Don't let the sweltering summer heat confine you indoors. Embrace the unique advantages a garden dome can offer and create memories that will last a lifetime. So, ignite your imagination, bask in the summer sun, and let a garden dome transport you to a world of tranquility, beauty, and pure enjoyment.

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