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How to install a metal ceiling

Expanding on the Installation Process of Aluminum Ceilings

When it comes to installing aluminum ceilings, following a precise and systematic approach is essential to ensure a smooth and visually appealing outcome. The steps outlined below will guide you through the installation process, providing a comprehensive understanding of the procedures involved:

1. Begin by installing the aluminum trimming corners to achieve a consistent level throughout the ceiling. Ensuring that these corners are aligned is crucial for creating a seamless and professional look.

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2. Next, hoist the boom and light steel keel at appropriate intervals. The spacing between the booms should be equal to or less than 1.2 meters, while the spacing between the light steel keels should be 1.2 meters. This spacing is essential for providing adequate support to the aluminum ceiling panels.

3. Connect the hanging parts that are pre-installed on the triangular keel together with the triangular keel and the light steel keel in a vertical direction. The spacing should be determined based on the size of the aluminum plates being used. Once connected, ensure that the system is properly leveled.

4. Press the square plates' sides into the triangular keel seams so that they are parallel to each other. Begin by installing the plates at one end, ensuring that the angles are correct in the horizontal direction. Gradually proceed to buckle the plates row by row, making sure the surface remains flat and the seams vertical. Keep in mind that the small pits on the edge of the square plate should be inserted into the seam of the triangular keel.

5. It is essential to wear gloves when handling the aluminum plates to prevent leaving stains on the surface. In case of any accidental staining, clean it immediately with clean water. Avoid removing the protective film during the installation process.

6. When purchasing the aluminum ceiling materials, ensure they meet the required quality standards. The aluminum ceilings, supporting keels, and accessories should be free from any bends or deformations that may affect the installation process or the final appearance.

7. During transportation and storage, it is crucial to handle the aluminum ceilings with care. They should be placed flat to avoid any pressure that may result in damage. Additionally, protect them from high temperatures and harmful substances to prevent corrosion.

8. The keels must be installed flatly, ensuring that the spacing deviation does not exceed the allowable range of 1.5 meters. This precise installation of the keels is crucial for providing stability and support to the aluminum ceilings.

9. In the event of any size deviations during the installation of the aluminum ceilings, it is important to make the necessary adjustments before inserting the panels. Avoid forcefully inserting them as it may lead to deformation or damage.

10. Ensure that large fixtures such as lamps and exhaust fans are fixed separately to the keels to prevent any stress on the aluminum ceilings. Directly placing heavy objects on the ceilings can cause damage and compromise their integrity.

By adhering to these installation instructions, you can achieve a high-quality finish with your aluminum ceilings. At our company, we prioritize offering exquisite and unparalleled customer service. With our dedication to continuous development and production, we have become one of the leading companies in the international market. We take pride in obtaining various certifications both domestically and internationally, earning the trust and recognition of our valued customers.

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