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How to match the color of your office ceiling?

When many people buy ceilings, they simply choose ones that are expensive and of good quality. Although there is no problem with this, the most intuitive function of the ceiling is to provide a beautiful concealer. If you buy it and install it, you will find that the ceiling does not match the surrounding environment at all. If they dont match each other, it feels a bit like focusing on one thing at the expense of the other.

Therefore, PRANCE metal ceiling suppliers combine the color matching opinions of relevant engineering designers in order to allow everyone to reasonably match colors and create a fashionable working environment in the early stage of decoration.

Color schemes in office design

Article 1: There must be no more than three colors in the space, among which white and black are not considered colors.

Article 2: Gold and silver can be paired with any color. Gold does not include yellow, and silver does not include off-white.

Article 3: Without the guidance of a designer, the best gray scale for office color matching is: light on the wall, medium on the floor, and dark on the office furniture.

Article 4: Dont use dark green floor tiles.

Article 5: Never put materials of different materials but the same color together.

Article 6: If you want to create a bright and modern office, then you should not choose anything with large or small flowers printed on it, except for plants, try to use plain designs.

Article 7: The color of the ceiling must be lighter than the wall or the same color as the wall. When the wall color is dark, the ceiling must be light-colored. The color of the ceiling can only be white or the same color as the wall.

Article 8: The same color scheme must be used for spaces that are not enclosed and penetrated; different color schemes can be used for different enclosed spaces.

Note: In general office design, colors are limited to three types. Of course, this is not absolute. Because professional interior designers are familiar with deeper color relationships, the use of colors may exceed three, but generally only more than one or two.

Limit the definition of three colors

1. The three colors refer to the colors of the ceiling, walls, floors and office furniture in the same relatively closed space.

2. White, black, gray, gold, and silver are not included in the three color limits. However, gold and silver generally cannot exist at the same time, and only one of them can be used in the same space.

3. The color of the pattern shall prevail. The trick is to squint and you can see the main hue. But if the individual color blocks of a large pattern are large, they must also be regarded as one color.

How to match the color of your office ceiling? 1

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How to match the color of your office ceiling? 2

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