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Installation method of aluminum honeycomb panels

Looking to install aluminum honeycomb panels? This blog post will guide you through the step-by-step process to ensure a successful installation every time.

The popular saying is to add lifting lugs, which are corner codes, on the back of the aluminum honeycomb panel. Corner codes are generally added to the four sides of the honeycomb panel. These positions cannot be relative to the same straight line. They need to be crossed and misaligned. In this way, the lifting lugs can be misaligned during installation so that the two corner codes are not crowded together, and the other three lifting lugs can be fixed with screws. Installation method:

1. Lifting lug type This installation method is the separation type of lifting lug and honeycomb panel. After the lifting lugs are processed separately, they are connected to the glued position of the honeycomb panel. The appropriate width of glued joints is 12mm. This installation method makes processing simple and easy to install.

2. Flange type This installation method is to process the flange for installation when processing aluminum honeycomb panels. Installation only requires a comfortable connection with the keels and glue joints. The suitable bonding width is 10mm. This method is easy to install, but the processing is slightly complicated and is not suitable for the shape of curtain wall panels.

3. Buckle type This node is an aluminum buckle type. The buckle is a special profile that is easy to install. However, this method requires high processing accuracy of the plate and is not recommended for plates with a length greater than 3000mm. Depending on the width of the buckle, there are 20mm and 40mm seams within the board[1]. The center of the aluminum honeycomb panel is an aluminum hexagonal honeycomb. The density is very small (about 37kg per square meter). It is 1/5 of the weight of the plate with the same thickness and area, 1/6 of the glass and 1/7 of the aluminum. It is greatly Reduced building loads and costs. Since the middle layer contains a large amount of air, it can be soundproofed (air-to-air soundproofed up to 30dB), thermally insulated (thermal resistance up to 0.02 (·k/w)), and does not contain combustibles. The aluminum ceiling's fireproof rating reaches B1 level and is waterproof. , Moisture-proof and does not release harmful gases.

Installation method of aluminum honeycomb panels 1

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Installation method of aluminum honeycomb panels 2

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After examining the installation method of aluminum honeycomb panels, it can be concluded that it is a straightforward process that requires careful planning and precision. From the preparation of substrates to the application of adhesive, every step should be carried out with attention to detail for a successful installation. Additionally, proper handling of the panels during transportation and storage is crucial to maintain their structural integrity. Regular maintenance and inspection are recommended to ensure the longevity of the panels and their functionality. Overall, with the right approach and adherence to industry standards, installing aluminum honeycomb panels can result in a visually appealing and durable architectural solution.

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