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Points to note when installing aluminum gusset ceilings

Precautions for Construction Details of Aluminum Gusset Ceilings

When it comes to the installation of aluminum gusset plate ceilings, there are several important precautions that need to be considered. These precautions ensure proper installation and a successful outcome. In this article, we will expand on the existing precautions and provide additional helpful tips for construction details of aluminum gusset ceilings.

1. Installation Sequence: The installation sequence plays a crucial role in the overall process. It is important to follow a specific order to ensure efficiency and avoid unnecessary complications. Apart from fixing the hose flue of the range hood in the kitchen and installing a bathroom heater and exhaust fan in the bathroom beforehand, it is also important to consider other factors. For example, if there are any lights, switches, or strips that need to be positioned on the ceiling, inform the installation workers beforehand to determine the appropriate opening positions. This will help streamline the installation process.

Points to note when installing aluminum gusset ceilings 1

2. Keel Spacing: The spacing between keels is of utmost importance to ensure proper support for the aluminum gusset plates. It is recommended to arrange the keels according to the size of the gusset plates, with a spacing of 50 to 60cm. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the distance between the boom and the end of the main keel does not exceed 30cm. If the distance exceeds this limit, it is advisable to add a boom to prevent any risk of falling.

3. Installation Dimensions: Before starting the installation, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the installation dimensions. Informed installation workers will achieve better results. For instance, the positions of lights, bathroom heaters, and strips should be communicated beforehand. In the case of bathroom heaters, it may be necessary to install a separate keel or create a simple wooden frame to ensure proper support.

4. Panel Connection: The connection between the panel and the keel is a critical aspect of the installation process. It is important to ensure a close connection between these elements. The surface should be smooth, with no visible joints, pollution, missing edges, corners, hammer damage, delamination, or corner warping. It is also important to maintain small and uniform gaps between the corner lines and the wall.

5. Drilling Depth: Depending on the type of gusset plates being used, drilling depth should be carefully determined. For square plates, light steel keels are recommended, while aluminum keels or galvanized keels are suitable for strips. Following the construction drawings, the drilling depth should be within the range of 3 to 4cm. This prevents any damage to wire tubes or the waterproof layer, promoting a safe and reliable installation.

6. Top Furniture: It is important to avoid directly installing exhaust fans, bathroom heaters, or large lamps on the gusset plates or keels. Instead, these fixtures should be reinforced on the top to ensure stability and longevity.

It is worth reiterating that safety is paramount during the installation process. It is crucial for all installation personnel to wear safety protective equipment such as helmets and gloves. Adhering to the design requirements and following proper installation techniques will yield the desired results. By expanding on the existing precautions and incorporating these additional guidelines, the installation of aluminum gusset ceilings can be carried out effectively and successfully.

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