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What are the characteristics of suspended ceilings?

1. Make up for the shortcomings of the original building structure. For units with too high floor heights, you can use suspended ceilings to reduce the height, so that they will not appear so empty. For units with lower floor heights, ceilings can also be used for decoration, and special treatments can be used to make them visually taller. For some houses with heating pipes or beams on the roof, they can also be decorated by installing suspended ceilings, so that the top surface will be more beautiful and neat.

2. Enhance the decorative effect. There are many shapes of ceilings, and different ceilings can be decorated according to different home decoration styles. In this way, the indoor top decoration effect will be better, more personalized, and can better reflect the uniqueness of the home decoration.

3. Hidden lighting pipelines: The ceiling can hide many lighting pipelines, which not only makes the top surface tidier, but also produces lighting effects such as line light, spot light, and surface light, making the interior more distinctive.

4. Heat insulation: For residents on the top floor, a heat insulation layer can be added to the suspended ceiling during decoration, which can have a good heat insulation and cooling effect. Otherwise, without this insulation layer, it would be like staying in a stove in summer. With this insulation layer, the outside heat can be isolated.

5. Space-divided ceilings can also divide two areas with the same floor height. For example, the living room and dining room can be separated by a suspended ceiling, so that the floor heights of the two areas are different to distinguish functions, and the space below is Able to maintain transparency and coherence, killing two birds with one stone.

6. It is convenient to supplement the light source. If the indoor lighting circuit is relatively single, you can also use the ceiling for decoration. It can produce lighting effects such as line light, point light, surface light, etc., so that the indoor light source level is better and the lighting effect is better.

7. Easy to clean. If the kitchen and bathroom are equipped with suspended ceilings, it can prevent the spread of oil smoke on the roof and the condensation of water vapor. And ceilings made of metal are easy to clean.

What are the characteristics of suspended ceilings? 1

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