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What is the selection method for aluminum suspended ceiling?

Over the past decade, there has been significant development in ceiling materials. With metal ceilings taking the lead in the market, the current third generation of ceiling material is the metal ceiling. Among metal ceilings, aluminum suspended ceilings have emerged as the top choice for those seeking moisture and stain resistance.

As the popularity of aluminum suspended ceilings continues to rise, some businesses have started to offer auxiliary materials for these ceilings. Unfortunately, many unaware owners often fall victim to these deceptive practices, resulting in considerable losses. The ignorance surrounding aluminum suspended ceilings was evident in the expectations of owners who, after purchasing their ceilings, expected free door installation and minimal costs for "auxiliary materials". The owners assume that these accessories come at a cheap price. However, they are mistaken as the true cost of these materials becomes apparent. In fact, the cost of the required aluminum suspended ceiling installation accessories can sometimes exceed the actual cost of the ceiling itself.

The installation of aluminum suspended ceilings often necessitates coordination with other products. Many owners choose to have installers of related products present on the same day to ensure a seamless installation process. However, even those who are cautious and employ professional installers have fallen victim to unscrupulous businesses that deceive them with overpriced auxiliary materials.

What is the selection method for aluminum suspended ceiling? 1

Therefore, when purchasing aluminum suspended ceilings, it is crucial for buyers to engage in thorough discussions with merchants. It is not enough to inquire about the price per square meter of a quality ceiling. Buyers must ascertain the cost of a square meter during installation, including side keels and other necessary components. It is advisable to negotiate the details in person and refrain from providing any refundable deposits. By assessing the number of edges and estimating the required keels on-site, buyers can provide the merchant with an accurate estimate, encompassing not only the cost of the aluminum suspended ceiling but also the installation materials.

The installation cost and the materials required for the aluminum suspended ceiling should not exceed 30% to 40% of the ceiling's original price. This ensures that buyers are not misled into paying exorbitant amounts for auxiliary materials.

At PRANCE, we prioritize the quality of our products and invest heavily in our laboratories, production equipment, and product inspection facilities. This dedication has earned us the trust and favor of the majority of consumers who appreciate our products' stable performance, high safety standards, reliable quality, and reasonable prices.

In conclusion, the development of ceiling materials, specifically the aluminum suspended ceiling, has revolutionized the industry over the past decade. However, it is essential for buyers to exercise caution when acquiring these ceilings, as unscrupulous businesses often take advantage of their lack of knowledge. By engaging in thorough discussions with merchants, buyers can ensure a fair price for both the aluminum suspended ceiling and its installation materials. PRANCE continues to uphold its commitment to providing top-quality products that meet consumer expectations while maintaining reasonable pricing.

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