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What you don’t know about the concealed ceiling

The concealed frame system uses joists to clamp the ceiling panels. Because of the washability of the product, we always see this type of product at the station or other transportation stations.

After the ceiling is fastened with keels from below, the ceiling will be firmly locked and the keels will not be visible from the outside. Concealed frame ceilings are not as easy to dismantle as exposed frames because a special disassembly tool is required. One advantage of the concealed frame is that when cleaning the ceiling, you don't have to worry about pushing up and causing the ceiling to move. This is something that an exposed frame cannot do. The hinge-down system makes up for the lack of easy access and cleaning.

Concealed ceilings can bring different ceiling effects because the keels are hidden. Because the ceiling is clamped by the keel, they will be firmly fixed and cannot be easily moved. Metal ceilings using concealed frame systems can be diversified, and they can be combined into various shapes. The concealed frame system can be curved or have certain textures because the concealed frame system is fixed, which is not possible with other systems.

Concealed ceilings are widely used in hospitals, airports and transportation stations. Unlike mineral wool panels, metal panels are waterproof, so they can be easily cleaned and even flushed.

What you don’t know about the concealed ceiling 1



PRANCE always sticks to our tenet of "quality comes first" by focusing on the quality control, service improvement, and fast response.

PRANCE has grown to become one of the most successful development and production companies in the field of .We have been paying attention to producing finest and providing the most professional service.Excellent in performance and good in quality, concealed ceiling is used for fermentation of all kinds of bread.

With advanced welding, cutting, polishing, and other production technology supported and staff backed up, PRANCE promises flawless products and considerate service provided to customers.

What you don’t know about the concealed ceiling 2

Leading R&D level: Our industry-leading R&D level has been achieved through continuous research and technological development, as well as by unleashing the creativity of our designers.

The lighting product produced by our company is transparent on surface but the inner layer is white. In addition to the simple and beautiful overall shape, our products are wear-resistant, durable, safe and environmentally friendly, with even and stable light. In daily use, they are easy to be installed and cleaned. Based on the scientific light distribution, it is good for your eyes and you won't feel tired if used frequently. Besides, electricity can be effectively saved by using our products.PRANCE was established in . With years of leap-forward development, we are now a pharmaceutical enterprise with considerable scale and strength.If we have refunds agreements, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges. The balance will be refunded back to you after we receive the items.


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