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Where are aluminum panels mainly used

Where are aluminum panels mainly used 1

Aluminum panel is mainly used in. Aluminum panel is a widely used decorative material. It can be used in indoor ceilings, wall surfaces, partitions, pillars, and so on.Outdoor building curtain walls, public decoration, flyover, elevator edge and other places can be used in aluminum single board.

aluminum panel Most of the products are customized products, which can be processed into a variety of forms such as tablets, punching, hollow, carved, spherical, arcs, etc., According to the design drawings processing and production, the product is done on the surface. The surface treatment has different options for spraying, fluorocarbon spraying, wood grain, stone pattern, paint, etc.deal with.Product shipments are convenient and fast that can be installed directly on the keel.

Where are aluminum panels mainly used 2

, as a new type of exterior wall decoration material, PRANCE Aluminum panel has many characteristics: rich colors, which can meet the color requirements of modern architecture.The surface coating of the aluminum panel used outdoors is used to use fluorocarbon coating. The color stability is good and does not fade; weather resistance and aging can be resistant to ultraviolet rays for a long time, resisting wind, sour rain, industrial waste and other erosion.In addition, it is difficult to attach pollutants on the surface of fluorocarbon coating, which can be kept smooth for a long time, easy to clean and maintain, light weight, high strength, and strong wind resistance.Product recycling treatment is beneficial to environmental protection.

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