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White perforated aluminum panel decorative effect

We all know that aluminum panel products can be made into various punched shapes and colors. For general projects, if there is no clear requirement for what color perforated aluminum panel is required, we will give customers suggestions and provide color cards for customers to choose. White perforated aluminum panels are a commonly used decorative product. They are commonly used in various building exterior wall decorations and are often seen in indoor ceiling and wall decorations.

The decorative effect of the white perforated aluminum panels is very modern and simple, while carrying a unique aesthetic. The following are some specific decorative effects:

1. Visual expansion: Since white has a high refractive index, using white perforated aluminum panels can visually make the space more spacious and brighter.

2. Light and air circulation: Light can shine into the house from the roof or wall through the holes in the perforated aluminum panels, which not only promotes air circulation, but also brings natural light to the space inside the building, improving the ventilation and comfort of the building.

3. Sunshade and privacy protection: Perforated aluminum panels can achieve moderate sunshade and privacy protection, and create a comfortable ventilation and lighting environment indoors.

4. Match with lighting effects: If matched with lighting effects, the decorative effect of the white perforated aluminum panel will be stronger, the impact will be stronger, and it will be stunningly beautiful.

5. Versatility: The white perforated aluminum panel is highly suitable for various occasions and is one of the common metal decorative materials in modern buildings.

The different shapes of white perforated aluminum panel products have ever-changing decorative effects. The decorative effects are fashionable and beautiful, and are very popular nowadays. They also have good fireproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant characteristics. The product has a long service life and is not easy to change color. A green and environmentally friendly decorative product. The surface coating is divided into fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying and polyester paint spraying. The surface coating properties of the aluminum plate are strictly in accordance with customer requirements, and the company is responsible for providing standard color cards for customers to choose.

Perforated aluminum panels have good rigidity, light weight, strength and hardness. Fluorocarbon spray-coated products have good weather resistance and are not easy to change color under sunlight. The color can last for 25 years. PRANCE brand perforated aluminum panels have good craftsmanship and can be bent and processed into various complex geometric shapes such as flat, arc and spherical surfaces.

White perforated aluminum panel decorative effect 1

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