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Work metal ceiling products you should know

In industrial installations, metal ceilings are commonly used for tooling purposes in order to cover wires, various pipe angle irons, and create an aesthetically pleasing architectural style. These metal ceilings play a crucial role in enhancing the overall interior effect. There are several different types of metal ceilings that are commonly used for tooling, and I will provide a brief introduction to each of them.

1. Aluminum Ceiling:

Aluminum ceilings are known for their tight structure and strong waterproofing capabilities. They have a windproof special keel buckle structure which ensures a tight and gap-free installation, making them highly waterproof. The high-depth keel with fixed-module teeth provides strong wind resistance, making them suitable for outdoor installations. Aluminum ceilings are commonly used for ceiling decoration in offices, conference rooms, factories, hotels, schools, and various other places.

Work metal ceiling products you should know 1

2. Grille Ceiling Panel:

Grille ceilings are flexible in combination as they are made up of aluminum grilles and frames. The unique design and novel shape of grille ceilings make them visually appealing. The main and auxiliary ribs of the grille ceiling are folded inward to enhance their firmness and can be trimmed on site to meet the requirements of different venues. They are commonly used for ceiling decoration in shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition halls, restaurants, etc.

3. Aluminum Square Tube:

Aluminum square tubes are used to conceal crowded public places, allowing for air circulation, exhaust, and heat dissipation. They also provide uniform distribution of light, making the entire space spacious and bright. Aluminum square tubes are widely used in subways, high-speed rail stations, airports, large shopping malls, passages, leisure places, public toilets, and building exterior walls. They are an open long hanging board composed of aluminum square tubes arranged at intervals, which visually hides the keel system. Aluminum square tube ceilings have a simple and elegant appearance, making them suitable for ceiling decoration in airports, subways, high-speed rail stations, shopping malls, corridors, passages, and other places.

4. Aluminum Hanging Panels:

Aluminum hanging panels have an open vision, providing a sense of openness, ventilation, and breathability. They have clear lines and distinct layers, giving a modern art-style installation effect. Aluminum hanging panel ceilings come in a variety of colors, with wood grain being the most popular. They are commonly used for ceiling decoration in airports, subways, high-speed rail stations, shopping malls, corridors, passages, and other places.

5. Hook-Up Board:

Hook-up boards have strong tightness and a simple and stable installation structure. The upper main frame and lower triangular keel are combined in a solid tic-tac-toe structure, making installation and disassembly easy. The board surface is very flat, and the splicing between the boards is done by snapping and folding the keels in an orderly manner. The unique hook design on the edge of the board ensures a tight and seamless connection between the boards. Hook-up boards are commonly used for ceiling decoration in hotels, exhibition halls, conference halls, airports, subways, high-speed rail stations, shopping malls, corridors, passages, and other places.

Performance Characteristics of Tooling Metal Ceiling Products:

1. Excellent board surface coating performance:

High-quality aluminum gussets have a smooth board surface with no color difference. The coating has strong adhesion, resists acid, alkali, and salt spray erosion, and does not discolor over time. The paint does not fall off, and the maintenance is easy, requiring only a rinse with water to keep it clean.

2. Extremely strong composite fastness:

High-quality aluminum gussets are made of high-polymer plastic and polymer materials through hot pressing. They have excellent composite fastness, even after a 2-hour boiling water test, there is no damage to the adhesive layer.

3. Light weight and high strength:

Metal ceilings are lightweight compared to other materials but still possess high strength. This makes them an ideal option for ceilings as they offer the required stiffness without adding excessive weight.

4. Sound insulation, heat insulation, and shockproof:

Metal ceilings have excellent sound insulation and heat insulation properties. They also have a high vibration attenuation coefficient, making them suitable for use in buildings where sound insulation, heat insulation, and earthquake-proofing are important.

5. Safe, non-toxic, and fireproof:

The core layer of metal ceiling products is made of non-toxic polyethylene, and the surface is a non-combustible aluminum plate. The combustion characteristics of the surface meet the fire resistance requirements of building regulations, making them safe for use.

6. Rich colors and wide options:

There are numerous colors available for metal ceilings, offering users the flexibility to mix and match according to their preferences and the overall interior design. Wood grain finishes are particularly popular as they provide a natural and calming aesthetic.

7. Excellent processing performance:

Metal ceilings can be easily cut, sawed, milled, punched, pressed, folded, and bent to meet specific design and modeling requirements.

Purchasing Tips for Aluminum Ceilings:

1. Choose the right material:

The quality of aluminum ceilings largely depends on the material used. Aluminum-magnesium alloy is considered the best material due to its good oxidation resistance. Aluminum-manganese alloy is also a popular choice as it offers better strength and stiffness, although its oxidation resistance is slightly lower. It is essential to choose a material that meets your specific requirements.

2. Select the right technology:

Different surface treatment technologies, such as spray-coated boards, roll-coated boards, and film-coated boards, are available for aluminum ceilings. It is important to choose a technology that offers durability and a uniform surface finish. Roll-coated boards are known for their smooth and uniform surface, while film-coated boards provide strong surface adhesion.

3. Consider the thickness:

The thickness of the aluminum ceiling is an important consideration. While thicker ceilings may offer more durability, it is not necessary to choose the thickest option for home decoration. In most cases, 0.6mm or 0.7mm thick aluminum ceilings are sufficient. Avoid ceilings with aluminum mixed with other materials, as the quality may be compromised regardless of the thickness.

In conclusion, metal ceilings play a vital role in industrial installations, such as parking lots, shopping malls, subway stations, and other public places. They not only cover wires and various pipes but also add to the overall architectural style. Aluminum ceilings, grille ceiling panels, aluminum square tubes, aluminum hanging panels, and hook-up boards are commonly used for tooling purposes. These metal ceilings offer excellent performance characteristics, including strong composite fastness, light weight, sound insulation, heat insulation, safety, and a wide range of color options. When purchasing aluminum ceilings, it is important to consider the material, technology, and thickness to ensure the desired quality and aesthetics are achieved.

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