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Apple Cabin

Apple Cabin Series

Hot-dip galvanized square pipesaerospace aluminum plates, hollow thermalinsulation glass,flame-retardant boards.

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Product Specifications

The apple cabin is a form of accommodation that integrates design, technology, 

Technical ParameterSS1 - Apple CabinAA6 - Apple CabinAA9 - Apple CabinAA12 - Apple Cabin
Product MaterialHot-dip galvanized square pipesaerospace aluminum plates, hollow thermalinsulation glass,flame-retardant boards.
Specifications (m²)
/Area: 18m²Area: 27m²Area: 36m²
Wooden Box Sizes
(L*W*H m)



Applicable scenarios

Outdoor camping, the future trend of the hospitality industry, can be used in various scenarios such as mobile KTVs, mobile offices, mobile coffee shops, restaurants,

and outdoor boutique hotels

Product Advantage
Pay attention to the details of the product and show the enjoyment of life.
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Customizable colors
Small footprint
Comprehensive features
Stackable design
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Interior Display
Interior design can be customized according to personal taste and needs, showcasing unique individuality.
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Apple cabin are suitable for a variety of decoration styles.
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General Overview

  • With a lifespan of up to 50 years, the structure features 150mm thick walls with interlayers insulated using polyurethane thermal insulationmaterial. The frame work is constructed using hot-dip galvanized steel pipes with fully welded joints and a coating of rust-resistant paint,ensuring enhanced durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. The modular design allows for optional stacking of two layers, where thefirst layer can serve as a reception room, and the second layer, being quieter, can be used as a lounge.

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Customizeo Styles

Widely practical, including private residential balconies and courtyards, commercial shops, private rooms, karaoke rooms, scenic observation cabins, homestays, and more.
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