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How To Customize A Dome Sun Room?

If you are considering construction of a dome sunroom at your place but are uncertain on how to give it your personal touch then get ready for a shock. It may seem that a dome sunroom is just an additional space; however, it is much more – a combination of sunlight and comfortable temperatures for any time of the year.An interesting fact that one needs to know is that these rooms may interconnect with the walkways across your home and this makes your space even more interesting and large. Read this article to the very end and find out how to become a designer of your new favorite place starting from the roof and ending with the floor. 

At PRANCE we do not only have resources on how to select roofs, how to improve windows, we also provide helpful suggestions for additional and practical features for practicality and security.

Customizing the Dimensions

Making your dome sun room fit just right is key. You can play with its size or add pathways to connect multiple domes.

Adding walkways between domes

To connect geodesic domes, adding walkways is a smart move. These paths make your dome sunroom even better by letting you use it all year. You can match the walkway to your domes' look and feel. 

This means they fit just right and keep the style flowing from one space to another.

Creating these connecting walkways allows for more room and easy access between different parts of your dome setup. It's like making a mini village of domes that are all linked together!

Customizing the size

After deciding on connecting walkways, focusing on the size of your dome sun room comes next. You can choose a size that fits just right with your needs. Sunroom dimensions are not one-size-fits-all; they're quite flexible. 

Whether you dream of a cozy spot for morning coffees or a large area to entertain friends and family, it's all possible. With custom tents and geodesic dome homes, you have the freedom to pick materials and sizes that match your vision. 

Specifically, Pacific Domes offers unique options for those aiming for something different yet sustainable. From small glamping domes perfect for a backyard escape to larger structures designed for living spaces, every choice is yours to make. 

This means you get personalized dimensions that blend seamlessly with your home’s style while providing the space you need.

Selecting the Perfect Roof

Choosing the right roof for your dome sunroom brings it all together. A cool design and some skylights make a huge difference, inviting sunlight in and setting the mood just right.

Choosing a stylish roof design

Picking a stylish roof design for your dome sunroom adds character and flair. Consider gable roofs that bring a traditional look with their cathedral style ceilings. They make the space feel more spacious and airy. 

Hip roofs, on the other hand, offer a sleek appearance that blends well with various architectural styles. For those who love stargazing or want plenty of sunshine, adding glass panels or skylights to any roof choice lets in natural light while providing views of the sky. 

Jerkinhead roofs mix classic charm with enhanced stability against harsh weather, making them both practical and attractive. Mansard and gambrel roofs give your sunroom an elegant touch reminiscent of French and Dutch designs, respectively.

Saltbox roofs are ideal if you're looking for something unique that also offers additional storage space or room for insulation above your sunroom. 

Each design has its own way of transforming your dome sunroom into a cozy yet chic haven perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests.

Adding skylights or domes for natural light

Skylights and domes add natural light to any dome sunroom without extra energy costs. They come in many styles, like energy-efficient options that lower heating, cooling, and lighting bills.

You can pick from sun tunnels for spots hard to reach with normal windows or go for dome skylights made of hail-resistant acrylic. For a sleek look, low-profile flat glass with flashing fits places with strict rules. 

These additions don't take up wall space. This means more room for art or shelves while still brightening the area. Whether you choose transparent roofing or sunlight tubes, these solutions make your dome sunroom feel open and connected to the outdoors.

Enhancing Windows and Airflow

To make your dome sunroom feel fresh and bright, think about upgrading the windows. Adding bigger windows or special ones that open at the top can help air move better inside.

Changing window sizes

Changing window sizes can make a big difference in your dome sunroom. Smaller windows save energy. Bigger windows bring in more light and fresh air. It's all about what you need. You can change the old windows to new ones that fit better or look nicer. This makes your sunroom feel just right. 

You can also play with the shapes and layouts of your windows to improve airflow and let in more natural light. By customizing window designs, you help cut down on energy costs while making your space look great. 

Think about adding different types of glass that keep heat in during winter and out during summer. This way, your dome sunroom is comfortable all year round, using less power and saving money on bills.

How To Customize A Dome Sun Room? - PRANCE

Adding transom windows for increased ventilation

After deciding on window sizes, consider adding transom windows for better airflow. These windows sit above the regular ones and can open to let fresh air in. They're great for moving air around a dome sun room without needing machines. 

Plus, they bring in more natural light. Transom windows work well with ceiling fans to spread air through the room. This combo makes your space cooler and fresher. If you have these windows that can open, you'll notice a big difference in how nice the air feels inside your home.

Installing fans for air circulation

Installing ceiling fans in a dome sunroom keeps the air moving and makes everyone more comfortable. Ceiling fans push the warm air down during cooler months and stir up breezes when it's hot outside. 

For even better airflow, window fans are great at moving fresh air through the room. You can set one fan to pull in cool air from outside and another to push out the stale indoor air.

Dome or skylight fans are also smart choices for getting rid of old air and letting new, fresh air flow in. With these, your sunroom stays airy and pleasant all year round. Placing window fans across from each other maximizes this effect, creating a nice cross breeze that sweeps through the whole space. 

This setup ensures that you're not just cooling off; you're also refreshing the entire room with every turn of the fan blades.


You now know the steps to customize a dome sunroom. Start by picking the right size and adding walkways between domes. Choose a stylish roof with skylights for more light. Improve windows for better views and airflow, and don't forget fans.

Add useful touches like outlets, hurricane protection, siding, and a knee wall. These tips are simple but can make your sunroom special. They show how easy it is to have both comfort and style in your home addition. 

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