Aluminum square ceiling is one of the most important parts in suspension ceiling materials. Right now in the global market metal ceiling products become more and more popular. Among all the metal ceiling products, aluminum square ceiling is the most widely used.

Aluminum square ceiling Advantages:

The most suitable for the use of office ceiling decoration materials. Aluminium suspended ceiling contains good performance of moisture-proof, flame-retardant features,convenient to transport and easy to clean.

  • Has a very good corrosion resistance, against different kindsof environments such as wet or high-ultraviolet.
  • Ecological, non-toxic,tasteless, anti-static, no attraction to dust,
  • High toughness, as well as high fire proof performances, unlike other materials such as mineral fiber ceiling or gypsum board.
  • Longer life usage, not easy to sink deformation and not easy to discoloration.

It’s critical to pay attention when choosing good quality aluminum square ceiling.

1.Aluminum Material: Good brand chooses aluminum coil material from official aluminum factory. The flexibility and hardness of good aluminum plate is much greater than the unqualified aluminum or recycled aluminum. If you want to conduct an experiment of comparison, you can order two same samples from different producer with a large price difference.When you try bending the aluminum plate, you will find that it’s easy to break the low quality aluminum plate, and it will not recover to the original shape.However, if you are bending the good quality aluminum plate, it will take you a great amount of strength. And after the plate is bent, it will re-bounceto a certain extent. You will see the result of the differences in toughness and flexibility.

2.Surface Treatment: mainly are powder coated, roll coated, and film coated.Right now the most popular choice of surface treatment is powder coated.It has the advantages of rich color and strong stereoscopic sense. Also, it has the benefits of water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to wash. Therefore, powder coated is the most widely used in the market of China and other countries.

3.Installation: usually are installed with galvanized iron T-grid or steel keel.

4.Service: After-sale service is as important as choosing supplier. A good aluminium ceiling supplier would provide an entire system from installation to maintenance.

5.Thickness: the standard thickness of aluminum square ceiling is 0.6mm, it’s also the national standard in China. If the thickness is lower than 0.6mm, then it is hard to guarantee the quality of an aluminum ceiling.

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