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Acoustic regular laboratory double gypsum wall

Prance have exported acoustic regular laboratory double gypsum wall in many countries and commercial projects more than 10 years and have all the certifications.Prance offers modern Hospital moistureproof Gypsum Board in many big projects. They combine functions and aesthetics, and can be customized.

                      Product data:

PVC gypsum board texture

Specification Thickness Base materials
Metric System British System 7-12mm PVC film + Gypsum body + Aluminum foil
595x595mm/600x600mm 603x603mm/603x1210mm
Surface treatment PVC film
Type of Film White color, Shining golden,Shining silver,Simple colours
Noice Reduction Coefficient 0.1-0.3
Fireproof Performance According with Chinese Standard GB624(1997)
Certificate CE EN13964 European certificate

Installation picture for PVC Gypsum ceiling:

PVC gypsum ceiling installation,PVC gypsum ceiling installed

PVC gypsum ceiling installation

1 PVC Gypsum Panel 5 Main T-grid
2 L angle 6 Cross T-grid
3 Clip 7 expansion screw

with half hook

4 Hanger of 38 Main channel



one-stop solution for building

material to the customers

Project Name: Dock En Seine Offices
Location: France
Area: 16200.0sqm
Solution: Ceiling / Lighting

Windows and Doors

Air condition system

Project Year: 2010
Lay-in1 Lay in
Office Ceiling

With 600x1200x0.8 aluminum

ceilingoffice will be more bright and smart

Lay-in3 Lay in
Meeting room Ceiling

12mm gypsum board after paint meeting room will be tidy and comfortable More Case

Lay-in5 Lay in
Restaurant Ceiling

Mineral fiber board is good for noise reduction

Windproof suspended Airport Single Glass Partition
Folding Door
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