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Double Glass Louver 1
Double Glass Louver 1

Double Glass Louver

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    Double Glass Louver

    Nowadays, more and more clients of Prance prefer glass partition than regular wall partition. Although glass partition generally costs more, but the benefits and advantages of the product have far exceed the cost.

    1. Glass partitions installed faster than ordinary partitions.
    2. After installing glass partitions, users may at any time change the location of doors, windows, solid block, and the glass partition. The material can be re-used or recycle after dis-assembly, the damage is diminished, and can greatly reduce the cost of relocation or re-decoration.

    Prance glass partition is green building materials, long life usage time. Materials of the partition can be partly dis-assembly and repeated used. In the long run, glass partition is more cost-effective, cheaper than any other materials of wall partition.

    Types Profile Thickness(mm)   Serie
    Glass Louver Partition 1.2/1.6 80  Serie
    83  Serie
    85  Serie
    100  Serie
    1.Profile Color Black, Deep Gray, Silver、White、Rose Gold
    2.Glass Choice 5+5/6+6mm Hollow  Double Glass,with 25mm width aluminum louver
    3.Satisfied Height Wall Height 3m

    Chart:Double Glass Louver1Installation:Double Glass Louver2

    Advantages of Prance Glass Partition:

    1. Internal structure of partition profile is easy to install cable and wires. No need for wall embedding, so replacement or maintenance of cable becomes very convenient.
    2. Hollow louvers glass partition is beautiful, stylish and convenient. High-quality of electric blinds can be installed between the two layers of glass. No need for daily clean of blinds.
    3. Glass partition has high sound insulation performance. Vacuum space in double glass partition system produces good sound insulation effects.
    4. A variety of colors is availab

    Product display:Double Glass LouverAccessory:Double Glass Louver4


    Lay-in PRANCE
    one-stop solution for building
    material to the customers
    Project Name: Dock En Seine Offices
    Location: France
    Area: 16200.0sqm
    Solution: Ceiling / Lighting
    Windows and Doors
    Air condition system
    Project Year: 2010
    Lay-in1 Lay in
    Office Ceiling
    With 600x1200x0.8 aluminum
    ceiling office will be more bright and smart
    Lay-in3 Lay in
    Meeting room Ceiling
    12mm gypsum board after paint meeting room will be tidy and comfortable More Case
    Lay-in5 Lay in
    Restaurant Ceiling
    Mineral fiber board is good for noise reduction
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