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Droplet Baffle 1
Droplet Baffle 1

Droplet Baffle


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    Metal Droplet Baffle

    The Droplet Baffle is named after its shape resembles the shape of a drop of water. The water drop hanging piece is made of high-quality aluminum material, and is formed by straightening and laminating the mold, and the product has good hardness and straightening effect.

    The Droplet Baffle is transparent and bright, its lines are bright and elegant, and the layers are distinct. Through the height, direction and illumination and color changes of the panel, the ceiling is more dynamic, the dripping blades are soft, the lines are smooth, and at the same time give one A wonderful effect like “raindrops” .

    Metal Droplet Baffle Metal Droplet Baffle Metal Droplet Baffle Metal Droplet Baffle Metal Droplet Baffle Metal Droplet Baffle

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