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In hygiene environment or environment containing high density of bacteria, Prance suggests using mineral fiber ceiling/mineral wool ceiling because of its anti-bacteria performances. Prance Mineral fiber board is introduced advanced Japanese production technology, and passes the European green standards testing. The production process of mineral fiber board is strictly monitored and the raw material is organic fiber which 100% does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde and other toxic substances on the human body.As a result, mineral fiber ceiling is very suitable for institutions like laboratories, hospital, clinic, and so on.

Product Specifications—Mineral Fiber Board
Specification Thickness
603x603mm 10-20mm
575*575(595*595)mm 10-20mm
Edge Square, tegular, conseal, super conseal
Surface Pattern Fine fissue, star, worms, plain, sand
Material Mineral wool, perlite,paper, starch,

sepiolite, preservatives, moisture-proof glue

Feature Light weight, acoustic with NRC 90, CAC 40
Types Profile


Sliding Window 1.4 80  Serie
85  Serie
88  Serie
90  Serie
1.Surface Work PVDF Coating, Powder Coating,

Anodization, coloring electrophoresis

2.Glass Choice 6/8mmSingle Glass or 5+9A+5/6

+9A+6mm Temper Hollow Glass

3.Hardware choice KIN LONG, HEHE, Roto-frank


Mineral fiber board production process has little impact on the environment, the main release of the production process is vapor. Main functions of mineral fiber board are sound-absorbing, which can effectively eliminate harmful noise, and reduce of fatigue, eliminating irritability. A high standard mineral fiber ceiling can absorb decomposition of toxic and harmful gases in the air, and can increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the indoor living space. Further more, Prance mineral fiber ceiling has a special surface treatment that adsorbs the excess water in the air, effectively improve the living environment and humidity. Thanks to the special coating, It’s resistant to chlorine, moisture, and it does not develop bacteria.


Product Specifications—Lay in/Lay on Aluminum Ceiling
Specification Thickness Height
595×595(575×575)mm 0.6-0.7mm 8mm(L angle);

12mm(Beveled angle);

18mm(Beveled angle)

595×595(585×585)mm 10mm(Beveled angle)
605×605(585×585)mm 10mm(L angle)
Base materials Aluminum alloy,the grade of aluminum alloy can be selected

according to the actual requirements.Besides,galvanized iron

and stainless steel material is also available

Types Profile Thickness(mm)   Serie
Hung Window 1.4 70  Serie
1.Surface Work PVDF Coating, Powder Coating, Anodization,

coloring electrophoresis

2.Glass Choice 6/8mmSingle Glass or 5+9A+5/6+9A+6mm

Temper Hollow Glass

3.Hardware choice KIN LONG, HEHE, Roto-frank

Malaysia 4*8 paper gypsum board price
Building interior square tube ceiling false ceiling
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