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Prance Philippines aluminum profile metal wall panel design is very popular in commercial complex projects in many contries. Aluminum metal wall panels combine functions and aesthetics, and can be produced customized. As a professional metal panel manufacturer, Prance can customize production according to customer needs to meet the specific requirements of different projects. This flexibility allows Prance Philippines aluminum metal wall panels to adapt to a variety of environments and uses, from large shopping malls to high-end offices. While improving the quality of the space, it also brings a unique brand image to customers.

Product features:

Aluminum plate specifications:
Common thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm,

Customized thickness

Common specifications: 600 * 600mm, 600 * 1200mm, Customized size
main materials: Aluminum metal wall panels structure mainly by the panel,

ribs and angle codes and other components.

Material Aluminum alloy 1100,3003

Surface treatment: fluorocarbon spraying, powder coating,

paint spraying, drawing, roller coating,

Wood transfer,peritoneum.

Color: plate ceiling color is generally white,

can refer to the color card, can also customize

a variety of other colors.

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Aluminum metal wall panels/metal panel curtain wall is installed by connector and the keel is fixed on the main structure. They can be constructed in various shapes, various metallic walls. Metal panel curtain wall dassified by aluminum veneer curtain wall, aluminum composite panel curtain wall, curtain wall aluminum honeycomb panels, weathering steel curtain wall, curtain wall copper, titanium zinc plate curtain wall. They are light weight, easy processing, high strength, stiffness, durability, ease of transportation and construction, surface texture, moisture, corrosion-resistant, suitable for all kinds of high-rise buildings and large venues wall and roof decoration.


  ProjectName:NASCAR Honor Hall

Location: America

Area: 7000 sqm

Year: 2010

Products:Glass Curtain Wall

ALuminum Curtain Wall

Lighting Ceiling

Glass Fence

    Curtain Wall of Aluminum Panel
    Stone Curtain Wall

Prance hospital modern curtain wall system
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