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Prance ceo office design photos false ceiling

Prance offers Prance ceo office design photos false ceiling for commercial projects. We provide services from design drawing, product analyze, installation.

Office is not merely a workplace, it can also be a comfortable and modern area that makes clients comfortable and creates business. In addition, an excellent working environment with good decoration can bring up energy and focus of workers. Working in big cities is stressful for many people, therefore a creative and comfortable workplace is very important for workers.

In Luxury Solution 1, Prance suggests using glass partition instead of wall partition. Glass partition creates an open and simple feeling. Also transparency can bring more vision, creating more space and communication in the office. If budget allows, Prance suggests using non-standard ceiling decoration, because non-standard ceiling makes your office look unique. Who doesn’t want their office to be unique?

Product Specifications
Product Profile Thickness(mm)   Serie
Glass Partition 1.2/1.6 80  Serie
83  Serie
85  Serie
100  Serie
1.Profile Color Black, Deep Gray, Silver、White、

Rose Gold

2.Glass Choice 5/6mm Single Glass or 5+5/6+6mm

Hollow Double Glass

3.Satisfied Height Wall Height 2.2m~5m





Luxury Solution 2, Prance insists using non-standard shape ceilings to improve the specialty of room environment. Along with Eco-wood flooring, the combination provides a natural and relaxing feeling to people in this workplace. Unlike traditional stone floors and standard square ceiling, our luxury solution would not be dull, boring, or tiring to the workers.

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