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Prance elevator corridor contemporary ceiling tiles


Prance offers Prance elevator corridor contemporary ceiling tiles for commercial projects. We provide services from design drawing, product analyze, installation.

Corridor gypsum board ceiling suspension

Prance gypsum board has characteristics of fireproof, noise insulation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, small shrinkage. Also, its stability is better, will not be aging, it will not be moth-eaten, and construction is convenient to conduct. Gypsum boards can be sawed, divided according to client’s design. It can be installed on ceilings, wall partitions, interior walls, and so on. . .

The Production of Prance gypsum board is based on plaster as the main raw material mixing with additives and fiber. Performance of gypsum board: light weight, thermal insulation, sound absorption, non-combustible and can be sawed. They are widely used in hotel rooms and hotel corridors

Corridor gypsum board ceiling suspension

Gypsum Board Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/sqm)
200W 6 1.8
7 2.1
8 2.3
9 2.5
250W 6 1.8
7 2.2-3
8 2.7/2.8/3
9 3.1/3.5
300W 7 2.2
9 3/3.2
10 3.9
595*595 7 2.3/2.5
600*600 7
603*603 7
Base materials Polyvinyl-chlorid (PVC)
Surface treatment Printing/Transfer/Lamination
Type of surface flat/Middle groove/flat with side groove/v-groove/3-waves/4-waves/4-round-wave/steps/2-grooves

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